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During the journey through the meandering streams of rivers, lakes and inland water canals, in the state of Kerala, tourists are sure to be amazed by the extensive network of houseboats moving around. Mostly in the areas of Alleppey, Kuttanad, Kumarakom, Alumkadavu and major lakes, these houseboats ply ferrying the tourists along few miles of the waterways. These houseboats are available at certain prices, while the arrangements are made to be meant for comfort and relaxation. So, when tourists are visiting the backwaters of Kerala and planning on taking up the boat rides in the backwaters, Alleppey house boat rates can be quite informative in picking up their itineraries.


  • Travelling in upper decks has its unique scenic significance
  • The journey in the backwaters can become exquisitely marvellous with bookings of cheap and best houseboats in alleppey, which will help in providing scenic views of the surroundings. Relaxing in the couch and sofas laid down in the upper decks are the best places to enjoy the slow rocking rides on these houseboats. While this modality of travel can be extremely serene, the Alleppey house boat rates will vary according to the upper deck bookings. But, tourists can check in the local rates allotted by the authorities to ensure that the houseboats are adhering to the rules of local houseboat authorities and associations.


    • Arrangements done and rates ascertained to enjoy to the fullest

    To attract tourists, most of the houseboats are adding comfortable features like air conditioned rooms, dining rooms, sofa sets, lounge chairs and balconies with the Premium Luxury housboats in alleppey. These features appeal to the tourists, who are keen on booking these upper decks, which should be ideally done with proper agreements of the Alleppey house boat rates to allay any confusions and disturbances at a later time. This step will allow tourists to explore the beauty and charm of houseboat trips during their visits to the backwaters of Kerala. we offers tailor made tour packages service like Boathouse kerala, Kerala backwater tours, Best houseboat in alleppey, Upper deck houseboats, Alleppey house boat rates in which we helpful to our clients make their trip amazing and outline their visits as indicated by their interest.

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