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Tour to Abu Dhabi is a wonderful experience of life. The “Queen of cities” brings a wide variety of entertainment options, and the peak point is a desert safari. It is a quiet escape from the hustles and bustles of modern city life. People spend half day or a night in the pristine surroundings of huge sand dunes and feel the silence and soft cool touch of silky sand. These safari excursions recreate the good old days in the Bedouin style. Today tents offer modern amenities like telephone, Wi-Fi and air-conditioners though. Modern tour operators offer full-fledged websites to book desert safari tours online.

Today, all operators provide online information guide containing detailed information about itinerary, conveyance, pickup and drop timings, contact numbers, and other relevant information. It gives immense convenience to those who are not familiar with Abu Dhabi. Popularity of the Internet has increased manifold in the recent years. High-speed network makes it possible to access websites on Smartphones anywhere and everywhere. A variety of safari tours is available for people to select for. Morning safari and evening tours are crisp and brief whereas overnight tour is quite elaborative. A night stay brings a chance to get acquainted with great Arabic hospitality. Typical Arabic costumes, food and beverages, and dance & music make it a refreshing experience.



Safari tours starts from Abu Dhabi where guests assemble at predefined locations are tour operators send vehicles to pick up. Online information guides give detailed information about schedule of the vehicles, route, and approximate time to reach specific locations. The tour starts from midst of the city and travels through widespread sand dunes of Arabic deserts. There are adventurous and entertaining activities planned wisely to make every moment exciting one. Guests can go through online information guide to know about the next enthralling activity while travelling to the desert. Picturesque surroundings of the unbelievably beautiful golden sand mesmerize people travelling from different countries. For some people, it is the first encounter with the desert whereas a few visit every year to refresh memories.

All the equipment, vehicles, and systems are state-of-the-art, and tour operators follow the most-modern navigation systems and GPS. Online information guide speaks about the safety norms and regulations that are being followed by the tour operator. Fun-filled desert safari tours recharge the mind and body by pumping loads of adrenaline and satisfy the urge of adventure and thrill.

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