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Bearing in mind today's business environment, there are a number of organisations dealing with other businesses across the globe. On the one hand, the travel industry has seen a boom in percentage of travelers visiting abroad for business dealings; on the other hand, the telecommunication industry has introduced new products to meet the needs of international travelers in order to manage their global telecom costs.

Today, these international telecom services have actually made the world much smaller. Now one can easily travel from one country to the other without getting worried about roaming charges. International SIM cards ensure excellent connectivity wherever you go.


Benefits of traveler SIM cards

  • Free incoming calls
  • Get the number before departure
  • Payment in Indian currency
  • Data service
  • Excellent plans with free talk time

Data services on traveler SIM

This SIM card also offers the option of staying connected to the Internet. In today's changing business environment, that is indeed very essential. You need to keep in touch with your business associates and partners while travelling. You need access to not just your e-mails, but also the World Wide Web for several purposes. With data access, you can research any subject – from prospective clients to the best place to have a business lunch. Further, you need not depend on a cafe or hotel WiFi for Internet connection, by activating data services on your traveler SIM.


What to check while buying a traveler SIM card

While purchasing a traveler SIM, one needs to check whether the mobile phone is compatible with the card or not. In certain cases, the cell phone gets locked making the card useless. Travelers need to obtain an international cell phone capable of working in foreign countries. These unlocked cell phones are also available on rent.

Best service provider

Matrix Cellular, the leading provider of international telecom solutions for Indians travelling abroad, provides services all around the world and has its offices across India. The company provides both postpaid and prepaid traveler SIM cards for business travelers, leisure travelers and students. It also offers add-on data packs for accessing the Internet on mobile phones as well as data cards for laptops. The Company was awarded the “Innovative Product Award – International Mobile Connections and Data Products” in the Economic Times Telecom Awards (2012).

With Matrix SIM card, travelers can easily stay connected across the world with free incoming calls in most of the countries and avail benefits such as inexpensive international call rates, local rates in foreign countries; text messaging, etc. Also, as travelers get their international number before departure, it becomes easy for them to circulate it among family and contacts beforehand.

Therefore, irrespective of the foreign destination you are planning to travel, don't forget to carry Matrix SIM card for all your communication needs. These SIM cards ensure 100 per cent comfort and connectivity during your trip.

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