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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

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Planning a big international trip this summer and wondering how to ensure you don't get surprised with a shockingly high phone bill when you come back?

Using your regular mobile phone while travelling abroad can put you in financial trouble very quickly. Horror stories of travelers receiving bills amounting to several thousand dollars are not unheard of. This is simply because they did not do their research before they left.


To ensure you don't end up spending more on your phone bill than you spent on your plane ticket, you would want to consider taking a few precautions before you leave. Today, with the development in communication technology, you can rent or borrow a global phone for your trip with an International Prepaid SIM Card for the country or countries where you'll be visiting. Or you can use the SIM card, provided you already have an unlocked GSM device.

Why we require international SIM card?

You would require an international telecom solution for a number of reasons. You'd like to check in on the kids/ family back home, if you are not travelling with them. During your trip, you may need to find your travel companions while wandering around. Or maybe you've met some nice locals who want to catch up with you later; they need your number to contact you.

Further, if you have a smartphone, you may consider activating data plan on your International Prepaid SIM Card. This will allow you to use the device for many things while you are away. It will give you a convenient way to access to your email and other forms of electronic communication. It can also provide you with global positioning system (GPS) services that will help you find your way around in unfamiliar surroundings. There are also apps that can help you find nearby restaurants and attractions. Further, you can also make video calls using Skype and chat using WhatsApp. Some of the services included in travel apps are language translators and etiquette lessons.


The best package deal

Never book the very first deal you come across. Always hunt around for more, look for the best deals, and book online only if you have all the details needed.

With cases of online fraud becoming higher by the day, it is a much safer exercise to cross-check the website you've found the best deal on, by calling and talking to their agent. Look for the company's products and services, benefits, terms and conditions, etc., and compare them with that of the competitors' in order to get the best deal.

Matrix Perspective

As part of its endeavor to provide innovative and comprehensive mobile solutions to its customers, Matrix Cellular, the leading service provider of international telecommunication services, offers complete range of International SIM cards to Indians travelers.

For over a decade now, the company has been providing international travellers easy and inexpensive ways to stay connected with their families and loved ones in a hassle-free manner. By using global SIM cards, customers save on the exorbitant costs of International Roaming while travelling abroad. Further, the company also offers add-on data packs for accessing the Internet on mobile phones as well as data cards for laptops.

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