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Present day skyscrapers and marvels of modern technology are merely the results of the natural progression in mankind's ability to innovate, design and execute. As demonstrated for centuries, the human race has proven itself adept at imagining tasks that appear impossible and yet, carrying through and realising these dreams with determination and precision. Fondly known as the 8th World Wonder by almost all Sri Lankans, the castle built atop the Sigiriya Rock continues to amaze and dazzle both locals and tourists alike as they marvel at the sheer height and extent of the engineering abilities of the country's artisans of the era. Moreover, the Aluvihara Rock Cave Temple located in Matale is also one such marvel executed with finesse by those who engineered it.


The Aluvihara Rock Cave Temple of Matale has gained even greater significance with the Tripitaka, a fundamental Buddhist text, being written on palm leaves by priests. It is said that this act took place around 92 B.C. making the Rock Cave Temple one of the oldest of its kind in existence. Those who make a visit to this sacred site will have the privilege of observing some amazing carvings and artefacts. The Temple is home to an imprint of the footprint of the Buddha, reportedly copied from the same found on Adams Peak, carved of stone near the Dagoba and the 'Sanded Bench'. This artefact is complete with an intriguing back story: prior to being allowed to write the Holy Scripture, apprentices were trained to write, using the tip of their fingers and the medium upon which they practiced was upon the sand on a bench. This Bench, known in the local vernacular as the 'Welipillama' can be seen even today by those who visit the Temple.


For those staying at a nearby Sri Lankan hotel, the Aluvihara Temple definitely merits a visit, for even the earliest inscriptions discovered in this idyllic island have been found on its premises and thus, it is a destination laden with history and intrigue. For those of you who are lucky enough to stay at the Heritance Kandalama a visit to this Rock Cave will be facilitated by the staff upon request. While Sri Lanka hotels are iconic in its own way, this hotel is in a league of its own for its architecture has been incorporated into its natural surroundings making it a true delight to reside in.

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