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Enjoying the beaches and partying till dawn might be the agenda of most tourists who visit Hua Hin in Thailand. Most of them also want some luxurious pampering at the spa so they can revitalize themselves and engage in more activities during their vacation. Hua Hin is popular among the Thai Royal family as a getaway that has plenty of amazing spas that are sure to afford you a royal treatment.

Therapists here are internationally trained and the treatments are inspired from authentic Thai methods that have been passed down from generation to generation to a fusion of the modern with the old. Because of the high number of spa and heavy competition that results from it, standards are extremely high in all places and the prices are affordable. Catering to the wide market of tourists and locals, there are both niche and very high end spas to ones that are more for those who are just looking for a simple indulgence.


The more exclusive spas offer overnight stays and have packages that take care of the needs of all your mind, body and soul. Designed for those who are looking for retreats, these spas have a holistic approach to their treatments and services which in most cases are tailor-made and adjusted according to individual needs.


Be it reflexology, hydrotherapy, simple massages, body wraps, aroma therapy or the more complicated acupuncture and re-contouring, the list of possibilities at these spas are endless. Many places have also created their own speciality treatments in order to have a advantage over the other spas.

Most Hua Hin hotels boast of spas in house. These offer wide range of treatments and is more conveniently reached as they are located within the hotel. The lower end beach hotels Hua Hin Thailand however will not have this option and if you are staying in one of them then you will be forced to visit a standalone spa.

Anantara Hua Hin Thailand Resort boasts of the acclaimed Anantara spa. Open every day from 10am to 10pm it is one of the most frequented spas that has a large number of patrons both from the hotel as well as outsiders.

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