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It comes as a surprise to most people that Las Vegas is only 120 minutes from the Grand Canyon. As soon as they find out, one of the first things they do is book a Canyon helicopter tour.

There are two kinds of Vegas flight tours to choose from: air-only and landing. Depending on what you would like to do, landing can allow you to explore the Grand Canyon, while air only is cheaper.


For both of these tours, you will travel over the same spots like the Mojave Desert, Skywalk, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and even the West Rim.

Regarding Landing Tours

At the Canyon, your air-only tour will simply fly over the canyon then return to Vegas, while the landing tour will land at the bottom of the canyon or at the top of this park.

An incredibly popular choice is the Las Vegas helicopters which land at the base of the Canyon for a champagne picnic on the banks of the Colorado River. Some packages even offer a boat ride.

Another popular choice is a landing on the top of the canyon. As part of the Las Vegas helicopters packages, you can add in VIP tickets to experience the Skywalk with this, a glass bridge taking you beyond the canyon's edge by 70 feet.

Is It Sold Out?


Since these tours are very popular in the summer, they have a tendency to sell out. If you are planning on taking a helicopter ride to the Canyon, make sure you book it early enough in advance.

When the group has four or more people, make sure to book especially early, since these tours only have six seats in each copter. An airplane tour is an option if you don't have access to the seats you need.

Your options from Las Vegas are a neighboring airport or from The Strip. A shuttle ride is required for the outlying departure points, but they are cheaper.

The Strip in Las Vegas

In turn, it is convenient to leave from the Strip, since it is only 10 minutes to the heliport. You'll also want to note that most of the Strip departures include a limo ride, so if you are booking a special event this can be impressive.

You should keep in mind that it is important to dress as comfortable as possible, since Las Vegas can exceed 100 degrees during the summer. You will want to bring a long-sleeved shirt that is lightweight, sunglasses, a hat, a pair of shorts and plenty of water.

I receive a lot of questions about front seats. You need to know there is no guarantee for a front seat. Front seats are filled based on the weight of all the passengers flying. Some tour companies will still give no guarantee on these seats, but still offer it as an option upon check-in.

In Closing

Las Vegas helicopters are the perfect way to experience the Grand Canyon and I hope you have a chance to experience this. You have the choice between an air tour and a landing tour, with my personal choice being the landing at the base of the Canyon to have a picnic. It is my personal recommendation you depart from the Las Vegas Strip. Although this might cost a little more, they are also going to offer convenience and be the perfect way to celebrate a special moment in time with your loved ones.

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