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When you take your next trip to Las Vegas, don't miss the chance to see the Grand Canyon by taking an air tour. Flights over the canyon offer spectacular views and you can get some affordable tours if you know how to book your flight.

You can take air tours of the West or South Rim by plane or helicopter.


The chopper tours are especially fun. These tours leave daily from different airstrips in the Las Vegas metro area, including the Strip. Yours that depart from the Strop cost more though.

Vegas Strip Departures

Being able to depart from the Las Vegas Strip is quite convenient, so you may be willing to pay more. Your other option is to go to a different airstrip like the one located in Boulder City, but that is a thirty-minute drive. You have to decide if it is worth the inconvenience to save money on your tour.

When you take a chopper tour out of Las Vegas, you can take an air-only tour or choose one that lands at the canyon. The air-only tours give you a fantastic view of some of the landmarks of the Grand Canyon in a short amount of time, plus they are the most affordable.

If you want some adventure and excitement though, you should take one of the landing tours instead. Landing tours come with lots of options, one of the most popular is a ride down to the bottom of the canyon where you can enjoy a fun picnic. You can also add on tickets to the Skywalk or a float trip along the Colorado River.

Vegas Landing Tours


Landing tours are quite special for a couple of reasons. First of all, you can only take them in Vegas. Also, the only place you can take them in the Grand Canyon is at the West Rim. That's all the more reason to take a Grand Canyon tour when you are in Vegas.

The plane tours from Vegas cost less than the chopper tours. That's because they carry more passengers so the operating costs are lower per person. Also, airplanes follow the same flight path, but fly at a higher elevation than choppers. The flight time to the West Rim from Las Vegas is shorter when you go by airplane, and you can opt for the same fun add-ons as you can with the chopper tours.

There are a couple of popular airplane tours you can consider. One of them includes optional passes to the amazing Grand Canyon Skywalk. This is a great option if you think you might not be brave enough to walk on the Skywalk and you want to see it before you buy the tickets. That way you won't waste your money by having to buy your tickets in advance.

Flights To The South Rim

The second airplane tour you might want to think about taking is the direct flight to the South Rim. You can't fly to the South Rim from Las Vegas in a helicopter because it is too far away. Once you are at the South Rim, you can add on an exciting chopper ride.

Are you wondering about the difference in flight paths with the different air tours? The flight plan is the same for helicopters and planes. When you take a flight to the West Rim you pass over beautiful Lake Mead and the awesome Hoover Dam on the way to the rim. Then you land at the rim or you turn and head back to Vegas. If you are going to the South Rim instead, you just keep flying towards the South Rim rather than landing or circling back.

You may also be wondering about the weather. There is not a lot you can do to ensure good weather. Fortunately, the Southwest usually has fairly good weather. You should always book your seats with a good tour company so your money will be refunded or your seats re-booked when you run into problems with the weather.

To Conclude

You really should take a flight over the Grand Canyon, it is an amazing experience. Just decide which rim you want to go to and if you want to enjoy a chopper ride or a plane flight. When you're in Vegas, relax for a day and spend it soaking up the beauty of the Grand Canyon.

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