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So you know about Honduras? Yes, it is a country famous for its natural beauty and contains some of the best islands full of beaches. The country has many exciting opportunities for business and trade in San Pedro Sula as it has a tax free zone. Hoduras has two major ports in San Lorenzo and Puerto Cortes which provides a clear passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.


Honduras Newspaper

Honduras newspapers are printed in Spanish which is the official language of the country. La Tribuna and El Heraldo are the leading newspapers of Honduras which are head quartered in Tegucigalpa.

  • There are two more daily newspapers Tiempo and La Prensa which have their base in San Pedro Sula. The daily circulation of the Honduras newspapers is about 160000.

Honduras food

The main types of Honduras foods are

Corn and Tortillas

This food is based on the eating habits of the Maya-Lenca ancestry. Corn is the most important ingredient which is found in most of the dishes. It is considered to be sacred by the Mayans.

This food is a traditional food which is served with the Honduran cuisine along with other traditional foods like chilaquiles and tortilla con quesillo.


Black beans and cheese together forms the traditional Honduran appetiser which is served along tortilla chips.Anafres is usually served before the meal and it is a custom to present the dip in a clay pot.



This is a coastal food which contains a mixture of chopped raw fish, shrimp along with onions, tomatoes and cilantro. In order to kill bacteria and add flavour this dish is marinated in lime juice.

Conch Soup

Soups are very important in the traditional Honduran cuisines which are served before and after the meal. This soup comes from the north coast of Honduras which is more popular in the Caribbean region.


This dish is formed by filling the refried beans and cheese inside the folded flour tortillas. It consists of a sour cream topping which is done before it is served.


This is a root which can be grown in the driest of the soil forms the staple diet for the poorer regions of Honduras. This is served with lemon and raw cabbage to improve the flavour.

Honduras Travel

Reaching Honduras is quite easy as there are four international airports in the country. For Honduras travel or travelling in Honduras the most commonly used airport is the San Pedro Sula airport which has regular flights from New York, Houston, Atlanta and Mexico City. The airport also provides regular flights from Guatemala City, Panama City and San Jose. The flights which operate on a daily basis are Aeromexico,Avianca Taca,Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines.

The Toncontin international airport is the second busiest airport in Honduras which contains almost all the airlines which operates in the San Pedro Sula airport.

It is very easy to reach Honduars from any city in the USA or Canada due to the efficient network of the American Airlines and the Unite Airlines. You can even reach Honduras from the Central and South America as Copa Airlines have good network of flights for various destinations due to their hub in Panama City.

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