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Turkey is an eclectic country, full of age old customs, striking architecture and some of the best lakes, ski slopes, castles and wonderful lakes. The water in some lakes is so blue that tourists find authenticity of the grand hues hard to believe. With so much beauty, it is important that tourists understand how to ensure that they have an optimal experience in Turkey.

To enjoy the best Ephesus tours in Turkey, a traveler shouldn't only pay attention to the grand site and guide's exploration of the structures but also make sure that they are travelling smart. Getting the best trip is easy since turkey is among the growing tourism countries offering extensive tourist options for travelers from across the world. Thanks to high competition, budget friendly, private as well as safe trips can be organized easily. But for a traveler, homework on the choice of their itinerary is integral and must not be skipped. The land has a variety of cultures, architectures, religions, geography and this variation is what makes Turkey so special. It is safe to affirm that all of Turkey is so beautiful that any tourist would be confused about which palace to visit first and which one to not visit if they can't visit all of the country. Istanbul, the bustling urban center of culture, and commerce is among the ones that simply can't be passed over on a turkey trip. In fact, Istanbul along with the Turkish Capital Constantinople serve as the main enter points is impressive cities to start the Turkish vacation with.


To get the best Ephesus tours in Turkey price, it is best to first travel to Istanbul, cover the city in a day or two and then visit Selcuk which is fairly close to the Greek city of Ephesus. In fact, the top attraction of Ephesus the temple of Artemis is actually located just a few meters from the Selcuk caste so travelers would find it beneficial to visit from Selcuk which can also be covered on a bicycle, private taxi or the good old manner of walking and exploring.


Another tip on enjoying a great Turkish holiday is that carrying clean and hygienic toilet paper as most places don't offer western style toilets so some travelers may find that troublesome. Since toilets are basic, it would be useful to carry some toilet paper or keep some rolls handy. Another tip is that when visiting the locals, travelers should always respect the local tradition and take off the shoes at doorstep and always carry a small gift (something edible but classy) for the meal or visit.

Women should be particularly careful of who they talk to, how they dress up because while half of turkey's largely liberal, rest is still orthodox and accidents are best avoided through smart caution. So women travelers should keep all helpline numbers handy, not be friendly with suspicious elements and cover up as western styled exposing clothing is not much appreciated in Turkey. A must do for women is to cover their heads when visit the mosques and other similar religious places.

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