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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

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Travelling abroad can be an expensive business. The key to travelling often without spending too much is to be a smart traveller. There are numerous ways by which you can save money when you travel, and the more of these ways you implement the better off you will be.

Staying connected is a vital part of any holiday planning. If you use your regular number abroad, you have to bear the extremely high international roaming charges for all calls you receive or make. Furthermore, it may not be possible for you to inform everyone that you are outside your country, and you end up receiving a lot of unwanted calls which can be an expensive exercise.


Cost-effective telecom solution for globetrotters

In order to save money while travelling, the first thing to do is to obtain an International SIM card for global use. It's the best way to keep in touch with loved ones back home. These SIM cards enable you to make overseas phone calls and send text messages for up to 85 per cent less than the usual SIM card.

Features of international SIM cards


Some of the major features of international SIM cards are as follows:

  • High quality voice calls: International SIM cards do not compromise on voice quality in an effort to bring the customers low rates. They provide clear calls no matter where you are.
  • One SIM, multiple locations: An international SIM card can be accessed in more than one country. Travelers don't need to change their SIM card repeatedly when visiting different countries.
  • Compatible with all unlocked mobile handsets: SIM cards offered by international service providers function with all unlocked GSM mobile handsets or tablets that accept normal or micro SIM cards.
  • Data services: Customers who cannot do without their emails or other social media sites on their smartphones can also activate data services at just 1/10th the cost of International Data Roaming.
  • 24×7 customer service: For any inquiry, one can easily access customer service teams, which are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. These customer care services also have online help for quick assistance.
  • Online access: Furthermore, travelers can manage their account online and know exactly how much money they have spent.

Service providers in India

When the time for summer holidays draws near, international telecom service providers bring out exciting offers for Indians travelling abroad. Today, Matrix Cellular is the leading provider of International SIM Cards for business travelers, leisure travelers as well as students. The company believes in knowing what is best for the traveler and leaves no stone unturned to introduce products and services that are most beneficial to customers.

In order to provide cost-effective telecom solutions to travelers, the company has come up with Permanent SIM Card for people who have to travel abroad several times a year. These cards ensure you stay connected to your family and colleagues, without the hassles of contacting the company for a SIM card every time you are away from home. Matrix Permanent SIM Card is available at just Rs 999 a year.

Today, Matrix now has presence in over 150 countries, with a range of services such as Travel Insurance, Voice Calling, Mobile Internet Cards, and Foreign Exchange cards. The company has also launched a new online store (shop.matrix.in) where customers can buy Matrix SIM cards online.

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