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On the 25th day of December, the whole of India buzzes with the sound of Merry Christmas. With this festival gaining lot of importance in the recent past, the celebrations can be seen across the length and breadth of the country which signifies its unity in diversity. Christmas in India is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. You can plan a trip to India by availing the cheapest international tickets this winter.

Christmas celebrations vary in different regions of the country. Christians, as well as people of other religious backgrounds mark the commencement of Christmas celebrations on the Eve by attending special masses in churches. Carols, candles, cakes and Christmas tree decoration form an integral part of the celebrations. The spirit of the festival comes alive in more ways than one.


In the southern part of India, there is a custom of lighting clay lamps on the walls as well as rooftops of the houses. Delicious cakes and puddings are also prepared in homes. Another tradition that is followed on this festival is to decorate the Churches with flowers of poinsettia. On the eve, candles are lit and the ambience looks beautiful with flowers everywhere. Christmas trees are decorated with plastic toys, stars, tinsels and colourful streamers. The trees are also lit with colourful lights and put in front of shops, restaurants and houses.


In the metropolitan cities of India, namely, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore, spirit of the festival is seen in almost all homes and people decorate Christmas trees and put stars on the roof of their houses. People staying away from their families go home to their family for celebrating the festival together. There are many preparations like whitewashing and cleaning of the house etc. that start in advance. Special delicacies like the cakes and puddings are also prepared 2-3 days prior to the Christmas Eve.

The most vivacious and colourful celebrations of the festival can be witnessed in Goa. There is also the Goa Carnival which takes place after Christmas and can be clubbed with your holiday plans. You will get to enjoy the typical traditional Goan dance and music during this time. The restaurants, homes and beaches, all brim with festivity and it is a treat to be in Goa to celebrate this wonderful festival.

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