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selective attention test

Selective Attention Testfrom Simons Chabris (1999) InstructionsCount how many times the players wearing white pass the basketball. How many passes did you counté The correct answer is 15 passes But did you see the gorillaé! This tutorial is from research by Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris ©1999, Daniel J. Simons, all rights reserved It is available for use in talks, training, and teaching on DVDs from Viscog Productions. viscog . Learn more at theinvisiblegorilla

An 111111 End Times Event Next Week

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I am yourhost, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the CoProphetof these End Times. This will be Part 3 in my series on Bible Prophecy and I specificallywant to look at Sacred Numerology and the number 11 because we are coming up on 1111for the year 2014. And I want to mention first of all, that Anne Thyme who I have subscribedto has been putting up recently a lot of very interesting tutorials on November 10th and November11th. And I should, by the way, add that I am also very much concerned about Novemberthe 9th because that would be the reverse of 119. And neither Anne nor I am sayingthat something definitely will happen on those

dates but we all should be definitely verymuch alert to that possibility. And I will put the links below to her most recent tutorialand she refers very much to Maria Divine Mercy. And very recently, Anne saw a vision on thealtar of the numbers 1111 so first of all, I felt we could take a look at what elevenmeans in quot;Biblical Mathematicsquot; and I am going to read from a book by Evangelist Ed. F. Vallowe, or Vallowe, I'm not sure how he pronounces his name. I often consult this book because heis very interesting. And here's what he says, quot;The number eleven is associated usually withdisorder and judgement all through the Bible. Eleven is one more than ten. The number tenrepresents law and responsibility. A broken

law and responsibility always brings judgementand disorder. This number eleven is used twentyfour times in the word of God. There were elevenjudgements upon the Egyptians,quot; and he goes ahead and he recites those eleven judgements.And now I want to relate my own experience with the number 111111 and I've told youthis story before but it's worth repeating. I had just purchased a new F150 Ford pickup.I always like F150's because F stands for Fatima in my mind, the 150 stands for the numberof Hail Marys in a 15 decade Rosary. And I was traveling along route 1228 in New YorkState, two more biblically significant numbers, and I heard a crackling sound coming up fromthe odometer and a flash of light and I immediately

said, quot;oh my goodness, electrical problemswith my new pickup, I don't believe it!quot; And of course I looked down at the odometerand it read 11,111.1 in other words, 111111, and of course, I knew right away that I did not have any electrical problems with my odometer but rather Almighty God was giving me an EndTimes message. Now, as I said, I am not sure 111111 is significant as far as a date goes.It could refer to November 11th, I remember Jonathan Kleck said Hoover Dam would be blownup on 11112011. That did not occur but perhaps the third eleven referred to the hour, perhapsthat will occur this November the 11th. We do know that 111111 is evil as far as barcodes go because the starter numbers, that

is the first, middle and last number of themajority of bar codes is signified by two thin lines and those two thin lines representthe number 6. In other words, most bar codes exhibit the number 666, the mark of the beast.Another expression of 11 is 911 because 9+1+1 equals 11 and that was a warning from AlmightyGod to the United States primarily. And we have seen confirmations of that lately, forexample, comet Elenin, it's perihelium on the sun was on the 10th anniversary of 911.The discoverer of that comet, his name was Elenin, short for 119. And on the 11thanniversary of 911, there was that amazing fire tornado in Australia where the ProphetElijah announced, quot;I am herequot;. Now the news

media overlooked completely the significanceof Leonid Elenin's name and also the significance of the voice quot;I am herequot;in that fire tornado.However, the number 11 does not always have to be evil in Bible Prophecy especially ifyou know that you must break 11 down into a 6 plus a 5 combination where 6 is the numberof the Antichrist and 5 is the number of Mary's Rosary. As you know, Jesus will use Mary'sRosary to defeat the Antichrist just as David chose five, smooth pebbles to defeat Goliathas I have said many times on this program. And of course, just as the news media refusesto acknowledge these obvious warnings to America, in that fire tornado Elijah spoke English,and also remember that race where the two

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