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What Is The Spirit Of Prophecy From Bible

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Kevin Clarkson The Spirit of Lawlessness Part 1

Kevin Clarkson here I want to tell you abouta great deal for our friends and family a prophecy of the news. We recently had our Pikes Peak property summit. We had an incredible lineup of speakers andgas the that did these were so excited. We heard many comments this was the best propertyconference ever. If you didn't make it not to despair. We're offering live streaming still throughAugust the seventeenth and by paying forty nine ninety five you haveaccess to the live stream of all the material

of the group. We had such great speakers we had a specialmessage from Chuck Missler about that a client of America we had a message from Bill Federer about the rising Arab Springwe had messages for day a good one about the time being and this sits of the barley harvest of theLord's return messages from Anthony patch a new face about what's happening really in physics today that shows spiritualreality get on board get with this side up

for live streaming call the eight hundred number on your screed. Or go to prophecy the News dot com Thank youthank you for joining us this week a prophecy of the news on your host Kevin Clark said rather that interviewinga guest today I'm going to give you some Bible prophecy some teaching for the scripture may still in time events and based on some of the things that are happeningright now in our nation we are seeing in our

time in our age the beginning of what is called the spirit oflawlessness and we have to stand for second that's loads Yep or two that with the bad of see it is revealedit will be an era of lawlessness in fact every straighter he who restrains will be removed and I believe thatthe presence of the church in this church age but as the church will be raptured out therewill be an eruption that all hail will break

loose on this earth this oh world. What it's always wanted and that is God outof the public square and that there will be no way into the violence and May. And immorality that will result. Now we get a little foretaste of that we don'thave to wait until that time of tribulation to experience see it of course in localized regions and at certaintimes in the history of a nation due to the

activity of spiritual warfare. We see outbreaks and conflicts that come about us my attentionwas recently Drolet as we are in this heavy election season of the United States of America twenty sixty eight mostunusual race in my lifetime. We have a career politician who many regardas utterly corrupt running against someone who has had no experience of the political field but a great deal of successin business and entrepreneurship

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