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What Does The Bible Say About The End Of The World Yahoo

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Obamas LAST Speech Signals The END of USA of ALL PRESIDENTS 2016

Listen very closely to what Obama, BarackHussein Obama addresses in his very Last White House Correspondents dinner. At the very beginningof his speech, listen to what he says. You can't say it, but you know it's true.Good evening everybody. It is an honour to be here at my last, and perhaps THE Last WhiteHouse Correspondents Dinner. You all look Great. The END of THE REPUBLIChas Never Looked Better! quot;You can't say it, but you know it's truequot;.quot;At my last, perhaps THE last White House correspondents dinnerquot;The End of the Republic has Never looked better The first thing he says is quot;You can't sayit, but you KNOW it's true!quot;. I put heavy

emphasis on that because I believe, somehow,someway that while he was making those statements he was jokingly telling the truth. Givingit to you right in front of you, and I'll explain. Let's put a pause of this Obama situationright now, and let's go and look at ancient Israel and let's see if there is a reflectionbetween the Past the Present. Today is 2016, PRESIDENT number 44. Is there a lesson tobe learned from the pasté Let's go find out! When we go to look at the history of AncientIsrael. The Kingdom of Israel was once a strong

United Kingdom. It ruled from 1025925 B.C.The first Kings well recognized in Scripture are King Saul, King David, King Solomon. The rough estimate is between 925921 B.C.that the Kingdom of Israel divided. The Northern part of Israel remained known as Israel. TheSouthern part became known as the Kingdom of Judah.They officially became separate Nations with separate Kings, two different kingdoms.The Northern Kingdom, Israel, would have a total of 19 Kings from roughly 925 to 721B.C. the Southern Kingdom, in the Kingdom of Judah. They would have roughly 20 Kingsfrom 925 to about 586 B.C.

The 2 combined brings a total number of 'Kings, between the divided Kingdoms. However, though it became divided it STILL is Israel. When we take the ' Kings and add them tothe first 3 Kings of United Israel, what we get is a total of 42 Kings.Remember the three Kings that people recognize are: King Saul, King David, King Solomon.So we get a total of 42 Kings. But the question is: Is it really a Totalof 42 Kingsé Interestingly enough, we can say No, because there are 2 more kings whichare missing, and I'll prove that to you right now.

Let's go and revisit the reign off King David.This one is specifically dealing with David and Absalom. Now if you would recall, Absalomis one of King David's sons. He fled away from the Kingdom of his fatherupon killing his half brother Amnon, because Amnon had slept with his sister. And afterfleeing away, he spent years outside of his father's household to the point where he becamea judge where he was at, then he decided that you know whaté Maybe he can be a GreatKing, in fact better than his father, thus began the conspiracy controversy to overthrowhis father's Kingdom become the next King of Israel.

Now the Bible does record, that Absalom, hismovement grew rapidly. Is other words his conspiracy to become the next King. That conspiracygrew in Large number in such a way that Absalom won the hearts of the Israelites, just asthe word of God records: quot;And on this manner did Absalom to all Israelthat came to the King for judgement: So Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israelquot;. The majority was on the side of Absalom. Theybasically turned their back on King David. And just as scripture notes, King David vacatesthe throne he flees away from his Kingdom. In second Samuel Chapter 15:1417, we getthis here I'm just going to quickly read it

OBAMAs Frightening words Confirm DIABOLIC NWO saying Its Done 3rd TermMARTIAL LAW

listen to what Obama is sayingeverybody. This will give you chills if it doesn't give you chills i don'tknow what will because this is what's going to let you know exactly where theworld is heading in general now this tutorial which you are seeingright now what you are about to see when this summit took place where the NorthAmerican leaders met and yes if you're in canada this affect you as wellbecause at this very summit obama he met with justin trudeau and they are all inthe same page let's break down what about my sayingquot;first of all the integration of national

economy is into a global economy the first thing it says is theintegration of a national economy is now into a global economy which means thatwhich was once considered national in other words specific to a nation is nowgone worldwide involving all nations of the world listen to this confirmation he speakswith no hesitation and with full confidence this should give you chills into. quot;Is into aglobal economy. That's here that's done

and so the question is not whether ornot there's going to be a international global economy there is one.quot; you hear the words and you can see theconfidence in what he is saying obama is letting you know regardless of what youthink regardless of what the citizens of theworld think global worldwide economy has already been set into place and it's toolate to turn back the clock there is no going back at this point! Weare moving forward that is what obama is saying. Insimplicity they no longer are planning

for new world economic order becauseit's here it's here and it's now All they are simply waiting for now is theright moment and right excuse to bring forth this agenda of the new economicworld order they need a reason that they can giveyou this so that you will have no other alternative but to accept that whichthey present to you please proceed Obama. quot;and we're buildingan inclusive society in which everybody's got a fair shot that's how we're going to solve theseproblems

now if you pay close attention to whathe just said that they are quot;building a system that isinclusivequot; so that everybody will have a quot;fair shotquot; I don't know about you but that seemslike capitalism is seeing its end and we are moving towards a socialist type ofa government and I hate to break it to you folks but we are the last generationthat will ever witness freedom and we are going to witness capitalism see itsend as we enter into a new phase, a dark phase of earth and observe socialismpromotes secularism whereas capitalism

is pro religious freedoms however what we are witnessing is thateverything that points towards the worship of anything in any other deity other than God Almighty is what is beingpromoted now in America however if you have the words god blessamerica you even put the flag or have the phrasethat says God anywhere that is considered a crime anyone that uses the Bible is nowconsidered a hateful individual anyone

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