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What Bible Book Talks About The End Of The World

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The End of the World

♪ lt;igt;Announcer: The followinglt;igt; lt;igt;is a presentation oflt;igt; lt;igt;Tomorrow's World.lt;igt; In recent years, we've witnessed dozens of movies depicting the end of the world. lt;igt;When the Mayan calendarlt;igt;

lt;igt;ended on December 21, 2012,lt;igt; lt;igt;new agers, prophets of doomlt;igt; lt;igt;and superstitious peoplelt;igt; lt;igt;believed thatlt;igt; lt;igt;either a new gloriouslt;igt; lt;igt;world was about to occurlt;igt; lt;igt;or the world would endlt;igt; lt;igt;on that date!lt;igt;

The movie titled quot;2012,quot; utilizing modern digital graphics, depicted extreme earthquakes, the eruption of Yellowstone's Caldera super volcano, and a mega tsunami which all but destroy the earth.

The 1983 film quot;The Day Afterquot; depicted citizens of Kansas and Missouri facing the effects of a nuclear bomb. You may have seen other disaster movies such as quot;Armageddon,quot; quot;Asteroid,quot;

or quot;Deep Impact.quot; Movie producers often use the term quot;apocalypsequot; or quot;apocalyptic.quot; Whyé Because the book of Revelation is called quot;The Apocalypse,quot; from the Greek meaning

quot;uncoveringquot; or quot;revealing.quot; The book of Revelation reveals the future of the world. It describes a great war that many refer to as Armageddon. Will the world come to an endé Will all life on

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