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MidEast Prophecy Update October 2nd 2016

alright I have to do this for thebenefit of our online church I want to begin by thanking everyone who prayed wedid as you can see obtain our permit and by the grace of God and for the glory ofGod were able to have our first service here today in our beautiful new churchthat God has blessed us with exceedingly abundantly above and beyond anything wecould have ever thought or imagined now we are still about a hundred and fiftythousand dollars short but God we are trusting that God is going to provideall that we need at the time that we need it

I want to and I hope he doesn't hateme for doing this but I really want to take this opportunity to think EricAnderson for all that he did these last nine months and he's not looking at methat means he's hating my guts right now so he has been here for the betterpart of nine months and we're just so very thankful to you Eric for all yourwork here and God calling you here and we just want to take this opportunity tothank you also for the benefit of our onlinechurch we want want to thank Frank

Kessler as well who's still here fromNashville Tennessee and he has just been a huge blessing to us as a church andeven really to Eric personally as well just a huge help so we want to thankFrank Kessler too and lastly because our online church wasn't recorded for them wehave three guys from Tennessee here we have Mark Wray Mark Anderson and DaveHarris and they were here all night getting this set up for us today andthey're still here so if you see them sleeping during my prophecy update theirexcused they can do that okay

we want to thank them as well alright let's get started for today's prophecy update i wanna talkabout what i would argue is the proverbial handwriting on the wallrelated to Israel and the United States and more specifically as it relates tothe current US president who leaves office in 109 days 10 hours 43 minutesand 55 seconds as of 6:31:05 yes you can the reason I know that is becausesomebody bought me as a gift a countdown

clock that's how I know that ok nowbarring something happening prior to November the next presidentsposture concerning Israel may in fact seal America's fate it's been said that this is perhaps themost important election of our lifetime because of what is at stake and I wouldconcur in the sense that what is at stake is the nation of Israel and I basethat statement on what God told Abraham in Genesis 12 verses 2 3 he says to Abraham I will make you agreat nation i will bless you and make

your name great and you shall be ablessing I will bless those who bless you and I will curse him who curses youand in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed doubtless you heard about both Trump andClinton meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last Sundayhe was in the United States for the UNgeneral assembly iand both the Democratic and Republican nominees met with him Trump met with him first and accordingto The Jerusalem Post Trump told

MidEast Prophecy Update September 25th 2016

before we get to today's prophecy updateI'm doing this chiefly for the benefit of our onlinechurch because we upload first service usually and not second service so i wantedto do a brief building update and I do so with the hopes that as i mentionedprior that this Lord willing could actually be the very last buildingupdate that we do and here's why were we to get our permit this week we're onlyabout two hundred thousand dollars maybe a little bit more than 200,000 and oneweek away from having our very first worship service in our new churchbuilding and by the way this Sunday

October second would also be communionsunday and it is very possible Lord willing I preface it with Lord willingthat we could actually be celebrating communion this Sunday in our new churchbuilding now I mentioned in our last building update which was back on Julythirtyfirst about two months ago now that we were only 60 days away from ourtarget date of October second well October second is again next Sunday nowbecause next sunday is still very possible we're trusting God by faith to provideboth the permit and the monies and I

just want to address the permit veryquickly we have an appointment tomorrow morning at tenthirty with the city andcounty and I would just ask that you join us and covenant with us to prayvery specifically that tomorrow morning we get our permit please if you wouldpray concerning that because once we have that then we can also get ourcertificate of occupancy now as many of you know we have by the graceof God and really the giving of God's people paid cash for the entirerenovation of this building which is really a miracle without having to go toa financial institution and for those of

you who have given financially andcontinue to give whether its large or small please understand that that and Ispeak on behalf of this entire church we cannot even begin to thank you enoughfor your generosity so many people all over the world really have been sosupportive financially and for that we are so very thankful to you I want to showyou some photos of the building this is again more for the benefit of our onlinechurch who are not here I want you to see just how close we are to completing thischurch building i do so also with the

hopes that those whom God has given thegift of giving to would pray about helping us financially to get across thefinish line let me hasten to say though that forthose watching online that are not interested in this please just fastforward the tutorial to the prophecy update this won't take very long so I'll go veryquickly this photo was taken with one of our security cameras showing the northparking lot where we've completed the painting of the parking stalls i did acount and I think we're going to have a total of about 75 parking stalls that isall on paved asphalt this is the main

entrance parking lot there in the frontand this is another view of it as well again all taken from our HD securitycameras which are really cool by the way this was done this last week I want to showyou a picture of the inside of the sanctuary i took this on friday webasically completed most of the sanctuary where the carpet has beeninstalled we're doing the wood there on the stage and these these wonderful guyshere from Tennessee are installing the audio and the tutorial and the lighting aswell this week so here's another view of the back of the sanctuary again weestimate that we can probably seat as

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