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I was engaged in this conversation, this dialogue,with this gentleman not that long ago and, within the dialogue, and I'm sure you allhad one of these conversations. He was a very passionate believer in Yeshua, and heknew my position, as you would going back to last week, he knew my perspective on theLaw. That it's completely valid. Well, he attempted to challenge me on that, which isgreat. I have no problem if you want to go to the Word, let's go to the Word. But itwas interesting ho he moved to challenge the validity of the Law. He did it through twomanners, in other words he grabbed two specific sources from the Word. Interestingly enough they're only five chapters apart from each other.

The first one that he went to was Acts 15, the Jerusalem council. For those of you who've been with me I've talked extensively about that. I've addressed the council. We're actually going to be looking a little bit at that next week.

What does the Bible say about suicide Christian Suicide Bible verses on Suicide

Can someone who committed suicide be savedéIs suicide the unpardonable siné And what does the Bible say about suicideé If you'veever had questions about suicide from a Christian perspective, be sure to stay until the veryend! Hi guys my name is Justin and I want to welcomeyou to That Christian Vlogger, a place where you get to come join me and experience faithin the first person. On this episode we're asking what does the Bible say about Suicide. A few days ago I was driving to work whilelistening to one of my favorite Podcasts, “Freakonomics.â€� On this episode they werediscussing suicide in the United States. Now

for some of you, just mentioning the wordsuicide has already made you uncomfortable. For whatever reason, suicide is one of thosetaboo subjects both in the Church as well as the U.S. at large. Since I have not heard people really evertalk about suicide before, I was astonished to learn that there are over twice as manysuicides that take place each year as their are homicides. The CDC stated that in 2009there were only 16,500 homicides compared to a massive 36,500 suicides! This statistic really got me wondering whatdoes the Bible say about Suicideé Before I

dive into a few scriptures let me share withyou a study I found out of Harvard University. This study examined nearly 90,000 women betweenthe ages of 30 to 55 who identified as either Catholic or Protestant. Protestant women wereless likely to commit suicide when compared with the general population, but Catholicwomen were seven times less likely than Protestant woman. Also, apparently only identifying as a personof faith wasn't enough. In fact those who claimed to be Christian but didn't attendchurch had rates of suicide on par with those not of faith. But out of the 7,000 Christianswho went to church at least once a week, not

one committed suicide. The research team led by Tyler VanderWeelenoted that attending services were a form of “meaningful social participation� thathelped adherents from feelings of isolation and loneliness. They concluded the study bysaying, “Religion and spirituality may be an underappreciated resource that psychiatristsand ians could explore with their patients, as appropriate.� To those of us who are Christians, this isn'ta huge surprise to us. Many of us have benefitted from the camaraderie and loving support thata Church family can offer. But there still

is a problem. While this study being somewhatinteresting, it is only anecdotal at best. Even amongst Christians there are some ofus who have at some point in our lives wrestled with suicidal thoughts. I know that when Iwas younger that was something that I struggled with for some time too. And perhaps each ofus know of some person out of our family or friend group that has been touched by suicidebefore. So let's turn back to our question, whatdoes the Bible say about suicideé Surprisingly not too much. There are a few examples ofsuicide in the Bible, some count 6, others 7. Most notably are Saul, Judas, and somewould even debate Sampson. However, none of

these stories really are too helpful as theysimply describe what happened with almost no commentary as to wether God later rejectedthem. I was sharing this with my wife Emily andshe told me about a Pastor she heard who was speaking at the funeral of an individual whohad committed suicide. As it turned out, this individual suffered from a severe depressionstemming from a chemical imbalance in his brain. The pastor made the point that he didn'tbelieve God would condemn this man for his brain failing on him any more than God wouldcondemn someone who had a heart attack due

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