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The Prophetic and Gospel Messages Behind the Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth, a little book about romance andredemption. It opens up in the days when the judges ruled so this is its period. It's the ultimate love story thatemerges out of this mess at the literary level it is widely venerated in colleges. Just asan element of literature apart from the biblical implications. At the prophetic and personal level it is an incredible gem. It has prophecy in it and it also has personal implications for each of us. Strangely enough, even though it is

in the Old Testament and the Church is not visible in the Old Testament, thisis one of the most significant books of the Old Testament regarding the Church and I'll show you why.One of the things it includes in part the story is the role of the strange thing that in Hebrew they call the “Goel,â€�the KinsmanRedeemer, what is heé What does he doé What is that all abouté and I would suggest to you that this book is an essential prerequisite before youstudy

Revelation chapter 5. You won't understand what's going on unless you really understand the Book of Ruth. A little background, in the genealogies of the Bible, the tenth man isalways significant. From Adam to Noah we talked about that before from Shem to Abraham is obviouslysignificant and Isaac to Boaz. He turns out to be the tenth again and so he turns out to be a verysignificant guy. He is going to be

a type or foreshadowing in a senseof Jesus Christ. And so the tenth man is always important now the book Ruth first chapter is aboutlove's resolve, where Ruth cleaves to her motherinlaw Naomi. Second chapter is love's response, where shethen ‘gleans' on behalf of her motherinlaw because they are destitutethere in Bethlehem and then we have love's request: out of this comes an opportunity and this very misunderstood scene. In thethreshing floor, well we will get to it,

and then there is a climactic scene whichhas some surprises for everyone in Chapter four, the redemption of both theland and the bride and we'll talk about that when we get there.Ruth Chapter one, there is a famine in Bethlehem so Naomi and her husband, Elimelech, andtheir two sons Mahlon and Chilion go to Moab because things are betterthere and in Moab these two sons take up Moabite daughters as wives and Elimelech diesleaving Naomi as a widow

and her two sons also die rather weirdnames “Unhealthy� and “Puny� apparently is what the names mean. The names speak for itself I guess, Naomi's name means “Pleasant� and I willsuggest it means “Pleasant Land,� because she is going to turn out to be in a sensea type of ‘Israel' but she's in Moab; she's in exile and she is destitute but ten years havegone by and she now hears that things are better back home in Bethlehem. So she's going to goback home and her two daughtersinlaw want to gowith her.

The Best Channel on Bible Prophecy 5 Reasons

The Missing Piece Is this channel superior to other prophecy channelsé  I think so. I have 5 reasons why this is the most reliable channel. I'm training to be an end time survivor.  I listen to God and others, to learn lessons that will help me live through what is coming. This channel is my favourite source for those lessons.   And I will now tell you why. 1.  It has nothing to sell.  Many doomsday tutorials ask you to buy something. They suggest that their product will protect you from what is coming. 2.  It is not a personality cult.  Many of us use this channel, and we hide our identity.

We want you to think about what is being said.You don't need a guru to do your thinking for you. 3.  It tries not to exaggerate.  Many tutorials pretend to have proof for their claims. But their “proof� comes from untraceable sources.Or they give no proof at all. They exaggerate Bible verses, too. One guy said Putin must be the king of the north, because he was born north of Jerusalem. And Obama must be the king of the south, because he was born south of Jerusalem. So Armageddon must happen before the end of 2016, because Obama will be out of office by then.  Seriously! They will start over with Trump or Clinton next year.  It is so dishonest!

4.  It really believes in Bible prophecy.  Some ‘intelligent' channels don't believe in anything. They overreact to exaggerations.  Here we focus on the most reliable prophecies. 5.  It has the missing piece.That piece is Jesus Christ.  Not just his name, but what he taught. He said anyone who does not obey himis building their house on sand. When the storm comes, the house will be destroyed. He said religious builders reject his teachings,and try to offer salvation without them.  That is happening everywhere today. There is a link below to some things that Jesus taught. Do you know anyone who is teaching themé You'll see my point when you do that.

There is much more to be said, so please subscribe to this channel. We will try to keep you informed aboutwhat is really happening in the world today. And don't forget to comment as well.

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