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Times End Clock Town

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Majora Demo 7 Clock Town Choir Kafeis Recitativo

It's a beautiful morning, greet the sun of another day! Early work is the best work, there can be no delay! Build the rising tower all the scaffolding helps to climb Carnival is approaching, everything must be on time! Everybody will come down, everyone comes to Clock Town! Every year at the Carnival Termina celebrates! Deku, Goron or Zora, from everywhere in Termina all the four corners coming to congregate!

Come one, come all, pray for good harvest! New Year draws near! Let us cheer. Let us cheer for the morning and the beautiful day ahead decorating the plaza, painting it green and red. Three more days to Carnival, for the year to start anew!Come one, come all, Decorating the plaza, painting it yellow and blue!New Year's Carnival! Anju!

My poor Anju. What luck! 'Twas a starry night, I was going home through the northern district when suddenly, there is a noise I turn around, and everything goes dark. I brought a mask, the Sun Mask made with care for our marriage.

Some lowly thief stole it from me! I shall get it back or my name isn't Kafei! Soon to marry Anju, as I promised I would do. I've searched this whole town I'll hunt that thief down! Wherever he's hiding, whatever he's plotting

I'll find what he stole and I'll take it from him! I promised I'd meet her wearing that mask no matter whether the hour is grim! I know what's going on! I know we're gazed upon! I'll do it myself. There's enough trouble already. She doesn't need to know

why I'm gone. I must write to her, as I promised I would do. quot;My dearest love, you must wait for me. I promised you, love, I will return before the Carnival. I cannot tell why I have to run.

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