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The End Of Time Quiz

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Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2014

Hello and welcome to the Big Fat Quiz of theYear. The show that takes 2014 throws a bucket of cold ice water over it, crashes it intoa comet and then fracks it right the shale hole. The Big Fat Quiz is basicallya traditional excuse for you not talk to your family for 2 hours you're welcome Britain.If you haven't seen the show before I can only assume you spent the last 10 Christmasessurrounded by a loving family, playing board games whilst eating chestnuts in front ofa roaring fire, well where are they now ayeé As are regular viewers know you can play alongat home. So if you are new to the show be sure to stick around right to the end whenwe give away 1 Billion Pounds! whisper

Shh don't tell them. Let's meetthe teams uh first up from the Spice Girls it's Mel B and my god Mel C has let her selfgo wait no its Micky Flanagan. A Scottish funny man and a Geordie funny woman so pressthe red button now for subtitles. It's Sarah Millican and Kevin Bridges. And Finally oneis a awkward geeky comedian and the others is a awkward geeky comedian with slightlydifferent hair. It's Richard Ayoade and David Mitchell. David uh Richard I think we canall agree you're going to win tonight, so uh should we even bother doing this. Wellthat would certainly save time yeah. You can be runners up Kevin Sarah you happy with thatéYeah that's OK I'm happy with that. So you've

won you've come second are you happy to comelasté Do we have to be lasté Why do we have to be lasté Yeah. If you're gonna be like that will do the bloody quiz fine. Should we try then MeléLet's try and not be last, were gonna try me and Mel

have made a pack were gonna try.

JAPAN QUIZ TIME ft Sharla in Japan Kim Dao

Oh shit sorry Hey guys I'm here with Sharla and Kim today so today we're going to do a Japanese quiz it's just a quiz about Japan It's nothing special It might be boring, I don't know But you'll learn something You'll learn something, I think they're pretty interesting facts

One person is gonna get a point for whatever they get right and whoever gets more points at the end will win a hug from me The loser has to eat a jelly bean We're gonna do that It better not be me The first question is More of these are purchased daily in Japanthan any other country in the world Which item is ité

Hum, A: Motorcycles B: Newspapers C: Eggs or D: Compact Discs Newspapers! You guys just.say What do you thinké Eggs Final answeré

The answer is Newspapers!! Yeaaah One point for Sharla Okay so question number 2 Which of the following combination of itemsare sold in vending machingesé Soft Drinks, eggs and hot coffee A B: Tutorial Cassettes, Phone cards, and IceCream Cones

Ok so Tutorial Cassettes, Phone cards, and IceCream Cones, that's B C: Books, bottles of wine and cigarettes And then D is all of the above Might be all the above I'm thinking D but. I'm gonna go with A A: soft drinks, eggs and coffeé I'll go with D then, all the above

Final answeré Aaand the answer is D Yeaaaah All of the above! Japan is pretty crazy with their vending machines here So you'll see some things that are unexpected I still see things that are unexpectedand I've lived here for 3 years so Question number 3 is which of the following things are most likely to be frowned upon by the Japaneseé

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