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Were Being Sued

Ethan Yes, we are being sued for copyright infringement. It's been hanging over our lives like a cloud these past months.Hila Yeah. Ethan We are being sued by quot;Bold Guyquot; AKA quot;MattHossZonequot;. He combined the two lost arts of parkour and pickup. If cringe was an art form, Matt is Picasso. Hila *laughs* We did our thing and we made a reaction tutorial about him

on our second channel Ethan and Hila. It was a small tutorial. I mean, nobody really cared about the tutorial too much. Hila Yeah, just a normal reaction tutorial. Ethan Normal reaction tutorial, and I think that the heart and soul of this is like that he doesn't like that we made fun of him and so he's suing us. *Sad trombone sound*

Ethan The thing is that, when we first announced this, that a lot of people were like, quot;Well, it's not a big deal the judge will throw it out it's clearly Fair Use.quot; Hila Yeah, it doesn't work like that. Ethan Sadly, sadly, sadly, sadly.it does not work like that. It's going to court, and it's going to take up to two years to complete the whole trial. And it's going to cost us up to $100,000

You know, I think it's quite clear to everybody there's a difference between like what Jinx used to do and what we do. Hila YeahEthan And it's obvious to all of us, but, unfortunately, Fair Use is a legal defense it's not anything more than that. And to determine what is actually Fair Use is determined in a in a costly and long court hearing

and because MattHoss the Bold Man, who is impervious to criticism doesn't like that we said naughty things about him, he wants to go all the way with it. Hila You just don't know how a jury will see it. Ethan Exactly, that's the scary partHila I don't know how old they are, what have they seen, if they know anything about YouTube. Ethan Yeah. Hila It's like, for us, this is so obviously Fair Use,

but I don't know what they'll think.Ethan That's the scary part Ethan Is that it goes to a jury, so even though, like, to everybody it looks like a clean cut win, but you know, you don't know what the jury is going to say if they rule against us, we stand not only to lose a ton of money but literally everything we've built our whole career on and, you know, that also brings me to the point that I have to make a BIG, the BIGGEST thank you ever. You guys know him You guys love him, Ryan Morrison, the tutorial game attorney, and his partner, Michael Lee.

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