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The End Of Days Book

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Painterly Days Watercolor Coloring Book TheDailyMarker30Day Challenge

Hi everyone. Kristina here. Welcome to another card tutorial at my YouTube channel and blog. I'm starting outwith a Painterly Days Flower Watercolorcoloring book. This is a book from Kristy Rice and she sent me along a copy

and actually I had it onorder from Amazon (laughs) so I got the one from Amazon and then she sentme another one. She has a coupledifferent options. She's got this flowerone and a pattern one. The pattern is thebook that she sent me, but I wanted to show youguys this coloring book because it's reallykind of cool.

It's specifically for watercolor so you know you're gonnahave some good paper inside for your water coloring and there's alsoawesome designs inside with lots of bigger spaces where you can really playwith your watercolor. Some other coloring booksthat have smaller images where you don't havemuch of an opportunity

to sort of play aroundwith the different colors, but this is a really greatbook that has some larger areas and, for me, flowers are alwaysreally fun to color anyway. So I'm gonna take out oneof the pages from the book and I'm going tostart coloring it and then put it on acard for today's tutorial. So, I wanted to mention that the designs inthe coloring book,

you have the same design onthe front and back of the paper and it's not a problem because it doesn't really bleed through. I did a little bitof water coloring on some of thepages from the book and I haven't had anyproblem with bleed through. Had a couple of questionsin my YouTube comments about how I positionmy blue painter's tape

so evenly when Itape down my projects so I thought I would showyou guys this process and really emphasize what I do. So, I tear off astrip that's about the size that I need. I hold it downwith my left thumb and then I can pivot and kind of slide itaround with my right hand

How The Jungle Book Should Have Ended

It was a man cub! *baby coos* Had I'd known how deeply I was to be involved. I would've obeyed my first impulse and walked away. *baby coos* Then it occurred to me. A family of wolves I knew had been blessed with a litter of cubs. Surely they would take care of the man cub.

*cries* Oh look children! Bagheera brought us a picnic basket for lunch! YAY!WHATé! NOooooOOOOOO! What have I doneé! You're unbelievable. They ATE the man cub!

You gave a baby to a pack of hungry wolvesé What did you think was gonna happené They were supposed to raise him! Like Tarzan! I don't know! Just NOT eat him! This is the jungle, baby! Only the strong survive.

Bagheera! I heard you killed the man cub that I so much despised. Thanks for the assist. I did NOT assist. It was the wolves! Ehrmhmhm! What's this poppycock I hear about panthers murdering small childrené! I did NO such THING! It was the WOLVES!

I do NOT want to be like you hoo hoo! Oooooh. I'm gonna be sick! Wolves are carnivores I said those wolves are carnivores Forget about that baby and sleep tight Yeah Man I mean those

wolves are carnivores I said those wolves are carnivores It's mother natures circle of life! Goooo to sleeeeeeep. Goooo to sleeeeeeep. Hmm hmm hmm! That tickles! Hmmmé Your voice ssssounds oddly familiar.

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