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Urban Survival Tips How To Escape From Zip Ties Truth Fiction

Explosion and flames sounds.hey everybody this is JJ and right now what we are going to talk about is how to escapefrom zip ties. This is a little trick I learned a long time ago in the military. I also justrecently saw this again on ITS Tactical's site. They have done some tutorials on this talkingabout it. So you guys could go over there and check it out as well. these are your basic.Just indoor and outdoor zip ties I picked up at Lowes. And they are pretty common forfolks to keep in their bags and all of that kind of stuff. Just to restrain someone ifthey needed it. so I am just going to show you that they are not as 100% effective assome people like to think that they are. there

are some ways to get out of them if you everget taken hostage or something like that you may be able to employ this. so with that letme put this on. You want to get them real tight. alright. and so what you basicallydo is you are going to put your hands out in front of you, ok. kind of put your handsin to a fist and start pulling out. and then you are going to bring it in. like this. hardthis way. and hopefully that will be able to break them. there you go. so that is oneway. let me show you another way here in just a second. Ok now you may run into a situationwhere they don't have the large zip ties like that so you may have them use the smaller8 or 10 inch long ones. and you can do the

same thing. it doesn't make any difference.Again go ahead and get it good and tight. The looser it is it kinda gives it too muchroom to flex and can actually make it harder to do. SO if they put them on and you can'tescape by sliding out you may want to tighten them up a bit as funny as that sounds. OK.So again I got them on just regular zip ties like you find at a hardware store. SO I amgoing to out my hands out and get them into a fist and pull it off. Breaks pretty easily.The key there when you are doing it is to you know obviously tighten and pull them intoyour stomach and pull out with your arms as you hit your stomach so you are getting afull motion as you pull apart so your elbows

separate around your body. That is what willcause them to break. And ah a lot of times you are going to see the break right thereon the head. OK. SO that is pretty typical. One thing that Ido want to let you guys knowis that not all zip ties are created equal. OK, and law enforcement and military gradezip ties many times will use a zip tie that has a metal basically the little piece onthese plastic ones that stops it like this right here is plastic and so these are a loteasier to break. When you get the ones that are actually made for restraints they willhave the metal insert or slide lock, whatever you want to call it. and the head is substantiallymanufactured more substantially. Breaking

out of these is not feasible in many instances.You might be able to but I can't do it. But you may be able to but that is going to bea lot harder than the type that you find at Lowes or Home Depot or something along thoselines. so keep that in your mind. That when you are looking at it A lot of times you canactually, when they put them on there they don't have the little ridges, the law enforcementand military type, it is smooth so you won't hear the little Zip sound. That sound andif so if you can't, maybe because it is behind your back or something along those lines thenyou might know that they are military grade. In that case it may take several tries oryou might not be able to do it all all. Something

to be aware of because some folks are underthe impression that you can do this with any zip ties and I am just trying to tell youthat that is not necessarily the case. so just to throw that out there. Ok lets seeif we can can do it behind my back as well. I may have to get somebody to help me realquick though. OK so for the behind the back ones this is gonna be another set just a differenttype just to show you. These are from Lowes also, what are they, 20 inches long. The indoortype. The black ones are the indoor type. SO I am going to do this behind my back soI will put both hands in here and will get my assistant to help tie me up. Ok so whenyou got them behind your back like this, I

How to Open a Can without Can Opener Zombie Survival Tips 20

What's up everybodyé Welcome back to my laboratory where safety is always the number one priority. Well it's not my laboratory. It's Alek laboratory. This my Russian friend, and his laboratory has a lot of tools and I'm going to do only the most epic experiments and awesome building stuff

with him once a week or twice a week so might as well you should go and subscribe to his channel and this is going to be awesome stuff! So today we are going to do HOW TO OPEN A CAN! any kind of can. like this one

Or maybe just a regular one Yeah. without no can opener or any kind of tools no knives, no nothing! just hands and a piece of concrete giggles check it out!

so in a zombie apocalypse I'm trying to survive, and I found the can like you know the meat .and i'm really starving and I have nothing to open with no tools what so ever but I have a lot of concrete you know.you can find concrete anywhere on a state alright

How do you open up a can using concreteé very simply! just put this part, not the bottom, but the top on top of the concrete and rub it! *scraping sounds* So, once you scraped a lot, all you gotta do is squeeze it. and. you opened it. Ah, and here is the second one! *scraping sounds*

You see how all the edges are coming out nowé and you squeeze it a little bit. Remember you can not use any knives. And see how it's popping outé *crack* *crack!* BOOM! And guess whaté

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