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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

Survivalist Singles

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7 Survival Hacks for Living Alone

meet Bobby. He lives alone. Bobby had some wine but couldn't finnish it off. what to doé Air is the enemy so fill it to the top. That'll do. Bobby loves soda but he can't drink this whole bottle by himself. just make sure you don't want another sip anytime soon. Bobby clogged the toilet. don't be embarrassed

just a dash of soap, pour in the water. now wash it all away. pancakes are typically a group activity. but Bobby wants pancakes and there's no one here to share. There's no one here to notice Bobby. You have as many as you want. battling a mouse infestation on your own can be daunting. don't despair we know how to get 'em poison them with candy Bobby.

What's the matteré were the mice your only friendsé Save your little friends. they're not all dead yet. it's been a rough day Bobby, but at least there's leftover wine. one around the middle one on the top. and it's still fresh, because you put it in a jar.

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