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Survivalist New York

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GunMad Survivalist Bunny Hunter Wants To Empower Women With Firearms

00:02MICHELLE: Fire in the hole! 00:04COMM: Meet Bunny Hunter, the weapons enthusiast and survivalist who's on a mission to empowerwomen across America. 00:11MICHELLE: As you can see both of these are very small, so it's perfect for a girl, carryon your body, in your purse. 00:18COMM: Weighing a little over 100 pounds, Bunny, real name Michelle Rovinsky, is proficientin firing military grade weaponry, and trained to survive in the wild.

00:28MICHELLE: Someone looks at me and they think what a cute little Barbie, little do theyknow, they got something coming their way if they try and mess with me. 00:35COMM: Recently Bunny, from Tampa, Florida, has been turning heads with her online gunguides. 00:41MICHELLE: One of the things that drives me to do the Bunny Hunter channel, is equippingwomen with the knowledge and power that they need, in order to protect themselves againstcriminals.

00:53COMM: While controversy around gun ownership rages in America, Bunny if a firm believerin the importance of bearing arms. 00:59MICHELLE: The second amendment is very important to me, the right to bear arms, it says rightin the constitution that it is in case of a political uprise from the government, Ifeel like a lot of the laws that have been passed and trying to have been passed lately,have to do with that. the governments trying to strip us of our arms. 01:20COMM: As a young girl, when he friends were

preoccupied with makeup and boys, Bunny wasgetting to grips with deadly firearms. 01:26MICHELLE: I was eighteenyearsold the first time I fired a gun, it was a .22 Marlin, andI was just elated. I couldn't have been happier. 01:36COMM: And she also acquired survival and training from exmilitary dad. 01:41TONY: And I see her with these bit guns and shooting and handling it, and doing so, sowell, it makes me very proud. It takes some of the fear that I would normally have aboutis she gonna be safe, is she gonna have an

accident, I don't really have concerns andfears anymore. 02:00COMM: And with friends like gun designer Mark Serbu she has all the hardware she needs. 02:05MARK: She's tough, she's not afraid to go out there and get dirty, she'll do anything,she's up for anything, she's not scared to break her nails or get her makeup messed up,she's out there to just go for it like, if you hand Bunny some crazy gun, hey you wannashoot thisé Yeah she's ready to shoot. She's that's the main thing, she's got a lot ofcourage.

02:21COMM: While controversy still rages around gun laws in the US, Bunny will continue herpersonal mission, to educate and empower women in the art of weaponry and survival.

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