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Ted Bear Survival Rap ExplosmEntertainment

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HOFFNER BEAST Fixed Blade First Responder Tool Survival Tool

Hi, I'm Brian Hoffner, president of Hoffner Knives and more importantly the engineer and designer of these incredible tools. The tool I want to talk about today is a tool that, as a longtime police officer and trainer and instructor of active shooter and antiterrorist events, I knew there was a void of entry tools that we can actually carry on our person and have ready to make entry, to pry the door, chop down the wall, break and rake the glass, whatever the case may be. I knew that I had to engineer the Beast, and the Beast is exactly what we have here. It's an incredible tool, as well as a great weapon.

We've got a drop point Tanto blade in 7 inches. The overall length of the knife is 11 and 78ths inches with that 7 inch blade. The weight is heavy. It's a 516th inch full tang 440 chromium stainless steel blade hardened to 5658 Rockwell. So we've got one heck of a slab of really good steel here. As you can see, the heavy 516th inch spine is fully complete to the point where we can still jam it and to pry as a pry tool. So, I knew I had to have an indetructible carry tool that'll cut, penetrate, pry, hammer, chop, trench, baton, break, rake,

smash, slash, crash, and trash everything in its path. And that's exactly what we have here with the Hoffner Beast. It's available in either a satin stainless blade or the stonewash black with your choice color of handle scales. But let's talk about the handle. It's key. It is an RGH (rear grip hold) handle system, just like all my knives. You'll see the jimping is primarily back here at the rear of the handle. There is jimping up here, so as a survivalist if you're chopping wood,

building a shelter, etc. you still have that capability. The rear grip hold system will ensure that, should you be driving the blade in a pointforward position, it cannot slip through the bone of the hand. If you have it in the pointdown position, you'll notice that the rear of the knife is the same ergonomic shape as the bent thumb, so it cannot slip through the thumb should you hit something hard in the pointdown position. And you have the index divots that ensure a smooth, balanced transition between grips in a proper finished hold

in the rear grip hold system, which also as you notice, extends the reach of the blade. So this RGH system is key. In fact, you're going to find it on all of my blades, my fixed blades and my folders, so no matter what knife you're carrying, no matter what knife you deploy at the time, your muscle memory and your reactive indexes are all exactly the same. That's critical in your everyday carry tools. You want to have that capability. But nowhere is that capability stronger and more powerful than the Hoffner Beast.

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