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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

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How To Prepare A Bushfire Survival Kit DIY At Bunnings

I'm going to show you how to prepare a bushfireemergency kit. With the bushfire season approaching, you want to be as ready as possible. Someof the stuff that's a great idea to have is some emergency food supplies with you, somethingthat's nonperishable, in packets or cans. Pack in a few toiletries and things like that.If you've got babies or small children, maybe some extra nappies. It's not just about thepeople of your house; don't forget your pets, as well. Pack a bowl and some dog food, catfood, whoever you're taking with you. Also, a flashlight and lots of batteries is reallyhandy. You don't know what time of day you might be needing to evacuate your house. Takea radio that's also batterypowered, so if

you lose power, you can still tune into theemergency radio. Take an Esky or something that's quite sturdy to put all the food in,and a few other items. A great firstaid kit is really going to be valuable to you. It'snot only you and your family you're looking out for; there could be others that you comeacross along the way. If someone in the family is taking medications, remember to pack thoseas well. Some drinking water is also really important. You may need this just for yourself,or again, for some animals or someone else. Make sure you have some good quality, sturdyclothes with you: some leather boots, some longsleeve shirts, and pants, gloves, respirators,and some eye masks. Because if you're caught

in an ember attack, the last thing you wantis to be vulnerable yourself. Also remember to take things like computer backups, hessianbags that you can throw things into quickly, or you can also wet them down and use to putout fires. Also make sure you've got a really good, sturdy bag you can pack it all up in.This is just a small selection of some of the things you can take with you. If you'renot sure what to take, just download a list from your local fire authority; it will havea really extensive list for you to check off. Pack it all up, know what's in there, andif you need to get out in a hurry, grab that bag and your loved ones and you go.

Choosing a Rucksack

Hi, I'm Katy and I'm from Mountain Warehouse In this tutorial I'm going to talk you through our range of rucksacks the different sizes features you might want to look out for and the best uses first of all really often we get asked what is the difference between a rucksack and a backpack

are they the same thingé technically speaking they are not the same thing a backpack will be smaller however both terms are used interchangeably so when choosing your backpack or your rucksack It's best not to worry too much about what it's called but look at the size, features

and think about what you're using it for so we measure rucksacks in a litre capacity If you're like me thinking in litres thinking about a litre of clothing It doesn't really mean anything so you may find it easier to find out the dimensions of your rucksack maybe even compare it to an old one that you already have

a mini backpack or a small backpack are generally sized between 6 Litres and 12 Litres they are best used for short walks days out picnics even little kids school bags or Cyclists and Runners there's not a lot of features to them

their generally pretty simple they will have one compartment perhaps two occasionally a pocket mesh pockets on the side for bottles and this one here has even got a headphone compatible unit for you there a daypack is generally between 10 and 30 Litres and as the name suggests, their suitable for day trips

in a bag like this you will start to see a few more features coming through there might be more than one main compartment and there will be loads of different pockets all over the bag for keeping your various bits and pieces you start to see a bit more padding around the back for comfort It's a great school bag It's great for people who are just going out for a day trip

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