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Surviving Animal Attacks GAME

This episode could save your life. Let's talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good mythical morning! Before the advent of high powered riflesand bear mace when people had run in with animals they just had to deal withthem with their wits and their hands and their legs. But you know every onceand a while in the modern era people still run into animals. True And Link I have a feeling that you'renot prepared for animal encounters.

No. I need to brush up on myanimal defense mechanisms. And you might not be either so we'regonna play a game today to find out how much Link, and you, know about survivinganimal attacks. It's time to play, (Rhett) Who wants to survive anan animal attackinaireé Okay Link, are you readyé Yes. You're gonna have eight multiple choice questions and if you get five outof eight you are a winner and you win, Halt! Dog repellent. Ho, cause if you survive five out of

eight attacks, you're doing pretty good. I guess. That's cool. Not a sponsor. Dog repellent exists and I want that stuff. You also have three life lines. You canuse each one once. You have, Ask An Animal. We have an actual animal come out Ooh! For realé help you with a question. A talking animal. We have the Claws of Life, where twoanswers two choices will be ripped away you'll be left with two choices, one Ooh. of those will be right. And Howling Hint,in which I will actually howl a hint.

I can't wait for that. Are you readyé Hit me. Steve is walking with his step sister,Karen, through the woods to their grandmother's house because their parentsare vacationing in Pittsburgh. Suddenly, they come upon a 12foottall grizzly bear. Karen immediately runs away telling Steve,quot;You're not my real brother anyway!quot; Ooh. Should Steve: A: Climb the nearest tree and try to get at least 30 feet up.B: Make as much noise as possible.

C: Lie face down on the ground and hopefor the best. Or D: Run after Karen, trip her, and offer her as a sacrificeto the Grizzly God instead. Well I was gonna say you should do a DNAanalysis to see if they are brother and sister. Well it's a step, step, step sister. Oh. You don't have to know about DNAto know that. (Crew laughs) Do I need to explain how it workséThe whole step thingé Y'all think that's funny, huhé (Crew laughs)

Um, hm. Climb the nearest trees soundslike something I would do instinctively. I mean, if you can climb a tree and getthirty feet up no grizzly bear is gonna come after you. I thought it was makeyourself as big as possible but that's not an option so, hmm, I'm going with A. Climb I mean, if you can get 30 feet up,you're away from a grizzly bear. Okay. Final answeré Final answer. Ehh! Wrong, Link! With a grizzly bearyou're supposed to play dead. And it's the only bear that you play dead with. Really.

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