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Survival Medical Kit

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Hiking Survival Tips Techniques How to Make a Medical Kit for Hiking

One thing you should definitely have whenyou are going out hiking including your survival kit is you medical kit. Now I've got thisone here. It is very simple. You may recognize it from earlier. I've got some simple Tylenolmedication in case I get a headache. I've got this in case something gets in my eye.I've got my card to make sure that I don't forget anything. I like to look at it beforeI go hiking. Inside this little bag, if you are making your own medical kit make sureyou put it in a plastic bag in case water gets in your backpack. You don't want it todestroy you medical kit. I have medication in case I get sick. I've got large and smallbandages. Small ones for blisters and large

ones for any larger cuts or anything likethat. This is a great basic medical kit. You can use this and this will work just fine.You don't have to have a large one. If you do want a large one, they do sell bigger ones.I have this one. It has a lot of stuff in it. It's got instructions which is the bestpart in case you need to treat something that is more advanced than what you know to dowith it. It also contains a few more things like tweezers and scissors which are verygood things to have as well. So make sure you've got a good medical kit. Run throughit before you go on all your hikes and make sure you have everything and then your hikeyou will know you are ready to go in case

if you ever need it.

Bug Out Bag Medical Pouch First Aid Kit

Alright guys, today we're going to talk about my bug out bag first aid kit if you watch my bug out bag tutorial this is thepouch that I had strapped to the outside of my backpack. If you haven'tseen that tutorial go check it out, it has a full rundown of everything and the bugout bag. First, I wanna talk to you about the pouch that have this in. This is theCondor Lite Rip Away Medical Pouch, this is the same pouch that I use for my fire kit on my bug out bag and the way this works is, it has a Molle panel on the back so you canstrap it to a backpack or a plate carrier or anything else. It has a strap thatsecures the main pouch to that back

panel and when you undo this strap, if youneed quick access to this pouch out then all you do is grab it and rip it away fromthat velcro panel. That way you can have it secured to your backpack but when youreally need it you can just rip it off and take the medical pouch with you, thatway you don't have to go digging into your backpack or take your whole backpack with you to help somebody out an emergency. Now, looking at the outside of the pouch is has a Velcro panel on the front that you can put a patch on. You can see I have first aid cross on the front. It also has MOLLE webbing on the front and a hook Velcro panel on the back to attach to the loop Velcro panel that you mount on

your backpack. I did replace the zipperpulls with bright red paracord just so when somebody looks in this pack they have no doubt that this is my first aid pack. That way if I'm the one that's injuredin someone else needs to get to it, they know exactly which one which one to go to. It also wrapped handle in paracord, red and black mainly like I said to let it be knownthat this is a first aid kit, but also to give you a little extra cordage if youneed it. Getting into the inside of the pouch, basically what I did was, the base of my kit is an adventure medical kits

2 person first aid kit and then I justadded some extra stuff to it. So on both sides they have these elastic loops to help keep everything secure inside the pouch and I'll just go ahead and start on this side. The first thing I have in here is a small light, that way if I need to put a little extra light on thesituation or clip this to my hat and use this as a head lamp while I'm givingfirst aid to somebody, I have that option. I also have a small back up knife in here for cutting bandages or anything else you may need a knife for while you're giving first aid tosome body. Over here I just have a small set of tweezers, those will be good for pullingoff tics or pulling out splinters anything like that.

The pouch also has these loops on bothsides at the top and what I did was put a paracord lanyard attached to that withan emergency whistle that way if I need some assistance while I'm helpingsomebody out, I can just blow on this. That will alert somebody to know that we need help. I just have some basic medical shears for cutting bandages, a few sets of blue nitrile gloves. If you are handling somebody that's bleeding you definitely want to protect yourself. I have a small pack of safety pins for securing bandages and a small backup compass. I also have a bunch of assorted kinds of bandaids and adhesive bandages. A few larger adhesive bandages, a whole bunch of antiseptic towelettes for cleaning up a wound or

cleaning your hands. And there's a backpocket in here and in there, I just have a bunch of generic medications, Ibuprofen, antidiarrheal, asprin, burn cream, allkinds of things like that and there is some instructions in here so let me knowwhat type of medication to use in a certain situation. And last but not leastin that pouch I have a tampon. Those of you that know much about first aid kitsthat's definitely a good item have. Obviously this is intended to stopbleeding and you can even put a bullet hole with this will come in handy lot.Now moving on to the other side, I have a small vial of liquid bandage

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