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11 Ways The World Could End

Since the 1500s, there have been more than150 documented predictions of when the world is going to end. Luckily for us, none of themhave come true…yet. However, you'll be surprised that not allof them are destructive. Here are some terrifyingly amazing ways theworld, genuinely could end. When you think of scientists working on superviruses, you probably picture Hazmat workers, deep in a mountain bunker, studying vats fullof insidious green liquid. But these labs do actually exist! Maybe notworking for some shady Bondstyle villain looking to ransom the world away to the highestbidder, but for pharmaceutical companies and

government agencies studying ways to curedangerous pathogens. But what happens when a vial full of an extremely dangerous virusbreaks out of containment, or is misplacedé Over the years, there have been numerous documentedcases of dangerous viruses escaping from laboratories around the world. One of these happened asrecently as 2009. A group of scientists based in Europe, workingwith Baxter Pharmaceuticals, were conducting lab tests on a seasonal flu strain.Without realizing it, Baxter had sent them live supplies of the H5N1 virus, better knownas “bird flu,â€� which has a mortality rate higher than 60%. One of the world's deadliestviruses was handled and distributed to three

other labs without any pathogen safety protocolsin place. The grave error was only realized when onelab worker in the Czech Republic inoculated a group of ferrets with samples of the “seasonflu� batch, and was horrified when they all died.The scientists were immediately placed under quarantine and monitored for signs of thedeadly virus. Luckily, none of them were infected and all the scientists were freed with a cleanbill of health. Two years later, these same strains of avianand human flu were combined in a laboratory, successfully creating “the most dangerousvirus in history.� The virus was highly

pathogenic, while retaining its dangerouslyhigh fatality rate. If it got loose, it could kill 60% of the world's population in afreakishly short amount of time – a truly apocalyptic notion.Some say it's only a matter of time before this kind of virus escapes containment andwreaks havoc on mankind. After going through two world wars, you wouldthink that the world would have learned to get along by now. But unfortunately for thesurvival of humanity, we are constantly under threat of triggering the final war – NuclearArmageddon. Mutually Assured Destruction, like its acronymsuggests, is one of the maddest doctrines

ever devised. It ensures that if a countrywere to ever use a nuclear weapon on another state with the same capability, both sideswould unleash their entire nuclear arsenal, bringing about the complete annihilation ofboth countries. With the resulting nuclear winter, and the likely participation of othercountries in the exchange, this would almost certainly lead to destruction and death onan apocalyptic scale. There are over 15,000 nuclear warheads inthe world, with more than 4000 ready to fire at any one time. That would make one hellof a firework show, but probably not one you'd want to be around to watch.There have been a few “close calls� since

we first developed nuclear weapons. A surprisingnumber of these were technical glitches that nearly started World War 3, on both sidesof the Cold War. The average yield of a modern nuclear weaponis around 500 kilotons of TNT, that's 25 times more powerful than the bomb droppedon Nagasaki. Each one of these 500 kiloton bombs are powerful enough to flatten hugeparts of a large modern city such as New York, or London.And there exists some truly unimaginably powerful weapons, like the Tsar Bomba, which had ayield of more than 50 megatonnes. That's two and a half THOUSAND times more powerfulthan the one dropped on Nagasaki. Thankfully

Bible Codes Revealed 1

in the book of genesis we read that inthe beginning the art was without form and void of where there had once been athriving civilization it had been obliterated out have existence signs of earlier life would be foundthousands of years later such s batteries aircraft and microwaves these are the facts indicate extremeintelligent life had once existed before ours and create a did well before theflight of biller

so much so that our own moderntechnologically advanced world could not even begin to explain how a civilizationbefore ours could have been so much more advanced than our own religion tried to squelch enquiries as it sets truthseeking was not on godor even necessary they did not have the answers about thisprevious civilization and if needed they did not want someone else outsideof their control providing them

they were keeping the past have secretsof their own science could not or would not offer valuable explanations either science has never been capable ofexplaining the spiritual but it is the spiritual that can define and explainscience digging into the bible codes idiscovered there wasn t need a thriving technologically advancedcivilization on earth previously and that because of their rebellion againstthe most hike it's civilization was

obliterated out i think systems causinga complete destruction of the earth the civilization on earth contain theancient cities of atlantis and many area and had intergalactic trade with otherplanets such as mars venus and the others within our solar system when lucifer rebelled against the mosthike as the reigning champ over all these planets he instigated a multi planet rebellionbringing the lord's wrapped up a list and that fire against all the planetinvolved

entire angelic civilizations weredestroyed and many of these angels involved that did not base his immediatejudgment on imprisonment were forced into the hollow areas of theirrespective planets to survive the bible speaks appaloosa firstrebellion in isaiah fourteen twelve to fourteen howard al fallen from heavenall lucifer son of the morning howard talcott down to the ground whichdates tweak animations four though have said in ninety i willascend into heaven i will exalt my throne above the starsof god i will say also it on the amount

of the congregation and the sides of thenorth i will ascend above the heights of the clouds i will be like the mosthyannis yukio twentyeight it says you were the annoying to cherish that covers and i had put you in the holy height ofgod lucifer was not happy just being ahighranking champ with roll over several planets he wanted to be like the most high god and you will find priya damnit

Bible Codes Revealed 2

the presence of any arms is nothing newto planet earth they have been here for thousands ofyears their biblical identification this oneup being fallen angels who were dealt against god and were kicked out ofheaven their most notable name as an actor youare on uk who were deanna nappy they were the watchers watchmen assigned to work

to watch over yall as creation on earth they were created by god s perfectangels these watchers rebelled against god anda mutiny followed as they lasted after human women and abandon their mission to oversee humans and began to defilethe women of the arts by having offspring with them when man began to increase on earth anddaughters who are born to them the

divine being so i'll help you die forthe daughters of men were and later clients from among those that pleasethem it was an and later to that any file and appearedon earth when the divine beings competitive with the daughters of menwho bore them offspring they were the heroes of old them enoughrenown the bible says they will name forthemselves with the seed of men and also in daniel we are warned of higher nextweek my recreate that will not claim to

one another it is impossible for those created andmade in god's image to cling to those who simply want to destroy them andaren't even human this last kingdom the prophesy fourthand terrible beast kingdom that will arise in the last days is an aliennation for now pero north awaiting their chanceto destroy and kill mankind in there and the end rage for mankind being made ingod's image soon the lord will take his hand off ofamerica and lift the veil allowing them

to reveal themselves forgot did not spare the angels policeand but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darknessto be reserved for judgment and did not spare the ancient world but save noah one of the eight people preacher ofrighteousness bringing in the flight on the worldi_b_m_ godly to peter two forty five the first watchers who instigated therebellion were judged accordingly

two hundred watcher officers each in charge up tens of thousands ofwatcher soldiers abandoned heading to mingle with earthly women even after the flood many more rebelled and came to earth the following theirfootsteps these ones have not been just yet the bulk of these fallen angels fromboth of the earlier rebellions who suffers and the watchers have beenimprisoned in the hollow planet of rehab

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