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Revelation Rapture Signs

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What Signs Must Occur Before the Rapture Takes Place

Now, today we've got a very interestingdifference; this is the fifth one. Showers, the Bible indicates that there is a differencein the number of signs that are given for each event. Take the rapture, okay. Thereare absolutely no signs the Bible says that have to take place before the rapture canoccur. And the key verse is 1 Thessalonians 1:910. Paul says to the Thessalonians, youknow, “you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God and to wait for hisSon from heaven,� that “wait for,� the Greek word is anemeno, okay, to wait up patientlyfor Jesus, “from heaven, whom he raised from the dead,� and He's the one who deliversus, He rescues us, from the wrath to come.

Whereas, at the second coming we're goingto see that Matthew 24 says before Jesus can come I'm going to give you a whole listof signs. But, first of all, talk about the rapture, that there's no signs that haveto take place before that event. Showers: Yeah, and that verse too in 1 Thessalonians,it's a Greek present tense, which means continuously; that the Thessalonian Christiansbelieved that Christ could come any moment so they were continuously waiting, continuouslywaiting for Him to come. Which said that Paul apparently had taught them you can't counton something else having to appear before Jesus comes to take you to be out of the world.Whereas, by contrast, when you look at what

the Scriptures say, what's leading up tothe second coming of Christ back to planet earth, you're going to have a revived RomanEmpire formed; you're going to have a world dictator, the Antichrist, come to take controlof things here upon planet earth; and you're going to have wars and pestilences and allthe rest taking place before Christ comes out of heaven down to planet earth in thesecond coming. And so there are many, many, many things that must take place, accordingto the Bible, before the second coming of Christ, coming back to get rid of Satan'srule from the world system, and restoring God's theocratic kingdom rule back to planetearth again.

Ankerberg: Yeah, let me give you another one.James says, hey, “Do not complain, brothren, against one another that you yourselves maynot be judged. Behold, the judge, the Lord Jesus is standing right at the door.â€� Whatwas he implying right thereé Showers: The implication: He can step throughthat door of heaven at any moment and catch you up, you know, from the earth.Ankerberg: And you'd be embarrassed if you were involved in sin.Showers: Right. And again, John in 1 John 2:28, said to believers, you better keep yourselfin right relationships spiritually with the Lord, because He can come at any moment andsnatch you up and you'd be face to face

with Him. And you want to not be embarrassedat His coming, what you were doing whenever He came, and, etc. So again, that's an imminencypassage. He can come at any moment, and so every moment of every day you'd better becareful in your relationship with the Lord Jesus, because the next moment you may beface to face with Him. Ankerberg: Alright, so on the rapture thereare no signs, nothing that has to happen before Jesus comes at the rapture. He could comeany moment, okay.

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