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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Part 5 Tim Conway

Luke chapter 17 verse 20. We are in the midst of an ongoing study concerning eschatology the study of end times. The end of whaté End times; the end in relationship to whaté Eternity is going to go on forever. Eternity has no end. Why do we talk about the end when there really is no endé Well there is an end of something.

Even though we are all going to exist forever; there are those things that are eternal; there are those things that are everlasting. There are also those things that come to an end. When we speak about end times, we are speaking about something that has closure. The Bible speaks about the end. The end of the ages. The end of the age.

Scripture speaks about the last days and even the last day singular. There is an end of time. There is an end of this world. Peter tells us very plainly. 2 Peter 3:7, quot;The heavens and the earth that now exist are stored up for fire.quot; That's what we are talking about. We are talking about this world; these heavens and this earth, as we know them now,

they are destined for fire. This is all going to come to an end. This is going to be destroyed. The world we see now, has an end. That's what we are talking about. End times we're talking about as we move towards that closure of this age, this world. That's what we have in mind. Today and Lord willing in the weeks ahead,

we're going to examine, just like we find right here in Luke chapter 17, we're going to examine various places in Scripture. In the beginning, not Daniel, not Revelation, not Ezekiel. We are going to look, again what I've wanted us to do all along, look at some of the plain teaching. I want to stick to the Gospels for a number of weeks. I want us to see what Jesus said over and over and over again, before we launch off into the craziness of Revelation.

I want you to see what comes from Scripture. Brethren, what we need to strive to do is this: Look at Scripture and exegete it. We need to have the Word speak to us. You know what the problem isé You have too many people that fly off to Daniel and to Revelation. They have been indoctrinated by a system, led to believe certain things, and now they can't read any of their Bible without reading those things into it.

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