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Prophetic End Time Vision

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Perry Stone 2016 Prophecy Dreams Visions in the End Times

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Pat Love from LOVE HEALING HEARTS with a warning; an urgent call. Listen.you guys. This is my last note, for tonight. God brought to my memory a friend of mine. Her name happens to be Patty (short for Patricia). She had a vision.She was watching television. When all of a sudden, she said it was as if a screen dropped down between her and the TV. The TV went silent. The screen. It was as if she was watching a silent movie.

She was watching a friend of ours. who is a minister, a preacher, a pastor and an evangelist all in one. preaching to a group of people. She was preaching so hard! She was pounding! She looked like she was hollering at the people. She was so emotional! And. Pat was wondering (thinking) quot;Wow! She looks so upset and desperate! She asked God (mentally). Cause she couldn't hear what our friend was saying. There was no sound. She asked God, quot;Why is she so upseté What's wrongéquot;

.and. God spoke to her, in an audible voice. With an urgent tone, He says, quot;BECAUSE I'M COMING SOONER THAN YOU THINK! I say that. to you. Please. Call on God, while He may be found. Please give your heart to Him. Don't play games. Don't tiddlywink with it. It's not a play thing. Don't play with it.

Either you're in. or you're out. Please! Now, is the time! If your life is not straight and you're full of sin and you're you're straddling the fence and you're in and out of bed with people and you're screwing around and playing around, sinning around and slipping, sliding peeping and hiding and lying and cheating and doing whatever. committing adultery and uh. hating on people; full of unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness. All of that.

Whatever you do, repent and stop it and call on God, while He may be found! You don't know how long you have. God bless you.

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