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Prophecy Update 2014

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MidEast Prophecy Update July 6th 2014

well this is the portion of our serviceon Sunday mornings that we devote to Bible prophecy and for today's and Lord willing next week's prophecy update I'm gonnatalk about the prophetic significance of the recentdevelopments with ISIS actually as of last week they are now calling themselves simply quot;Iquot; quot;Squot; IS for

islamic state now the reason I'm sensing that the Lord would have me to devote two weeks tothis is really twofold first because of how fast it's moving and second because of where it appears to be going I wouldjust kindly ask that you indulge me I'll be asbrief

as I possibly can I want to explain why it is that both teachers and students of Bibleprophecy are taking this very very seriously allow me to first give you some facts and I want to sort of delineate them a with the who what when

where why and even how briefly no it it shouldn't take thatlong couple hours we should be good I'll begin with who ISIS is up until the year 2010 when Abu Bakr alBaghdadi took the helm this group this satanic islamic movement was

an al Qaeda affiliate that was based in above all places iraq however Abu Bakr was formally disavowed by the al Qaeda leader alZawahiri when he ignored demands that his Islamic state leave Syria according to one source his brutality in attempting to establish control inboth Iraq

and Syria has been branded get this too extreme even by al Qaeda standards that the who that's who we're dealing with herebrings us to the what what's their goal their goal is global domination visavis the formation and declaration of an islamic Caliphate what's aCaliphate

MidEast Prophecy Update August 24th 2014

well this is the portion of our servicethat we set aside each Sunday to devote to Bible prophecy but before we get to today's update Iwanna mention a couple things by way of aupdate and also by way of a prayer requests for both ourchurch here and also our online church we have many YouTube subscribers and Facebookfriends from all over the world that consider us to be their church

some of them we won't meet until we're inheaven some of them if you're going to Israel with us nextyear you'll get to meet these are brothers and sisters in Christof ours that are part of our church Ohana but I want to mention this first one Idid bring this up I think about two or threeweeks ago that our time here has come to an end the SDAchurch has requested that we find our ownproperty and we've been here for about

10 years we're very grateful that we've had the use of this beautifulchurch but so we began praying and pursuing our own property and we found a propertythat I'm not quite yet at liberty to say this because thereare other buyers that are trying to and want to buy this property and we don't want them to buy this property in Jesus name so

we actually last week made anoffer on this building is a large buildingit's gonna be perfect for a church there's plenty of parking and that's allI'm gonna tell you so don't you can torture me I will not disclose no we did make an offer on thisproperty we're hoping to hear back this week they will likelycounter it they might accept it needless to say if we do get it Lord willing then I

we will start the process ofremodeling it it is in a state of disrepair we'll take approximately a year before we can occupy the building so what we're wanting to just sorta keepyou apprised that was that this is the direction we're moving inand we were really covet your prayers that God would just go before us that ifthis is his will and again we believe it is that he wouldopen the door because when God opens a door

no man can shut it so that's what we're and it wouldn't hurt to just pray for those other buyers that you know oh I'll just let you fill in the blanks onhow I'm not going to tell you how I praying for that God no so but again we would just really covetyour prayers regarding that the second thing is we're really also covering your prayersconcerning our trip to

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