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Prophecy Egypt 2013

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World War 3 Predictions Is This The End For America

What are the top World War 3 predictions andscenarios in today's world that is facing economic collapse in many countries, the threatof ISIS, a rogue anticonstitutionalist American President in Barack Hussein Obama and VladimirPutin wanting to bring back the old Mother Russiaé Why don't we have an honest discussionabout that. Can weé The many conflicts in the world today in Ukraine,the Middle East including Israel, Africa and other parts of the globe, coupled with racialtension and a financial outlook that points to economic collapse of many nations includingGreece, Russia and the United States coming soon sets a world war 3 scenario that lookseerily similar to what happened leading up

to World War 1. With the world in chaos at the beginning of1914, on June 28 of that same year, a Serbian nationalist kills both AustroHungarian ArchdukeFranz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie and one month later AustriaHungary declares war onSerbia and for the rest of 1914 the world spirals out of control with one country afteranother declaring war on either Germany or AustriaHungary. So, what could be the catalyst or kindlingthat brings about such a worldwide conflict and plunges the world into total waré Leadingup to WW I it was an assassination that lead

to that eventual massive conflict. Could thesame thing happen todayé And what role will a weakened America play at the hands of anineffective and weak leader that has an abysmal foreign policy and zero military experienceéAnd honestly, who's side is President Obama really oné What if Russian President Vladimir Putin wereto have the Ukrainian president knocked off like he may have had a hand in oppositionleader Boris Nemtsov's demiseé Would the world look at that and say enough is enough andtake sidesé Or what could happen if militant terroristssuch as ISIS acquire a nuclear weaponé But

who is ISIS really. Did we not create themby meddling in the Middle East. And what is the point of having a global World War 3é What does a World War doé In its most basicform, it changes the world. What did World War 1 doé In was the end of the age of empires.It was the end of the AustroHungarian empire and more importantly it was the end of theOttoman Empire which had lasted for more than 6 centuries. World War 2 was to bring Germany to powerto control all of Europe and Japan to control the Pacific region. Fortunately, both of thoseobjectives failed, but it still changed Europe,

ushering in the European Union and guess whocontrols that, Germany. And what would a World War 3 doé It wouldfinally usher in a global government under the pretense that we can't go on fightingwars like this any longer, that is after it kills probably half the world's population.It would be dark, it would be nuclear and it would be devastating. And it's all aboutpower. When the world is in turmoil as it is now,it turned to world war twice in the past. Will it completely destroy the planeté Probablynot. Will it usher in global government. Probably. Will you be able to do anything about itéProbably not. You may however be able to stock

up on some foodstuffs if you are in a remotepart of your own country where invading armies are not all that concerned about controlling,but eventually, there will be almost nothing you can do. That is one of the predictions of World War3.

Prophetic Times 2013 Part 2 of 4

God created the Hebrew calendar and specified the days on which the Feasts of the Lord are to be celebrated each year. To clearly understand God's calendar, one must understandthe Feasts of the Lord. The first feast, is Passover: on Nisan, the 14th.

Christ fulfilled the Passover Feast as the Sacrificial Passover Lamb that was slain forthe sins of the people. The second feast is: The Feast of Unleavened Bread Celebrated in the month of Nisan, the 15th through the 21st. Christ fulfilled TheFeast of Unleavened Bread

through his broken body that was beaten for our healing, endured crucifixion, and was buried. The third feast is: The Feast of First Fruits, or Easter, Celebrated on Sunday, that is during The Feast of Unleavened Bread. Christ fulfilled this feast

through his resurrection. The 4th feast is: The Feasts of Weeks,Shavuot, or Pentecost Celebrated in the month of Sivan, on Sunday, 7 Sabbaths plus 1 day after the Feast of First Fruits. Christ fulfilled this feast after He ascended to Heaven

when He sent the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Now we come to the fall feasts These feasts of theLord are yet unfulfilled. Christ will fulfill these feasts in the last days. The 5th feast is The Feast of Trumpets, Celebrated in the month of Tishri,

the 7th month, on the 1st day of the month The 6th feast is: The Feast of Atonement Celebrated in the month of Tishri, on the 10th day of the month. The 7th feast is: The Feast of Tabernacles or

BT Daily The Cyrus Cylinder and Egypt

Darris McNeely Is there a solution for theconflict we continue to see in the streets of Egypt with the recent coup that has removedPresident Morsié I think there is, and it's probably from a source that people are notyet able and willing to look at with all of the conflict there between secularists, liberals,and fundamentalists in Islam. It's interesting to note that perhaps the solution could comefrom even the same region, but from a document that is older than the current crisis. What Egypt needs is what every successfulnation in history has needed and thrived upon, and it is a Bill of Rights. One thing thatseems to be lacking in their Constitution

and their government and in their whole approachto the life of every Egyptian is a Bill of Rights. A Bill of Rights is something thatis probably symbolized by this particular picture right here, which is the Cyrus Cylinderthat comes even from the same region of the Middle East discovered in 1879 in modern dayIran. It is a cylinder about the size of a football.And on this cuneiform tablet is what some have called the first Bill of Rights for humanbeings written by Cyrus the Great in the year 5' when Cyrus conquered Babylon and decreedthat the Jews and other captured peoples could return to their homeland.

This particular cylinder known at the CyrusCylinder, currently on tour in the United States, is what is called the first Bill ofRights. And it even deals with Bible history because it was written in 5' BC at the timeof the Persian takeover of the Babylonian Empire, and it guaranteed peoples' freedomof religion and certain other fundamental human rights. And when we look at what istaking place especially in Egypt right now and the conflict there that is causing agreat deal of suffering on the streets, what some are beginning to realize is a fundamentalneed is, again, a certain guarantee of rights regardless of one's political or religiouspersuasion. And that's the way to a solution

in Egypt because it's been the way to a solutionfor any successful nation in modern history. Ironically it's on a document that comes fromthe same region of the Middle East, and it also has biblical tie ins because Cyrus wasa figure prophesied through the book of Isaiah (Isaiah 44:2428; Isaiah 45:113) long beforehe came to power, long before this was put into writing. Cyrus was an instrument in thehands of God. The ultimate Bill of Rights comes from God's law and the rights and thelaws of freedom that God gives to mankind. And when the Egyptian government, or whenthe Egyptian people, or when any modern people finally come to realize that, they're goingto be on the road to success and to freedom.

And they're going to be on the road to somethingthat is lasting and enduring all rooted in God's way and God's law. That's BT Daily. Join us next time.

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