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Post Tribulation Rapture

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The PreTrib Rapture Under Attack

gt;gt;Is the concept of aPreTribulation Rapture a genuine biblical hope, or isit wishful fantasyé Some say there is not one verse in theBible that sustains it. Others claim that the concept is toonew to be true. What about ité Is it a myth or a realityéStay tuned. gt;gt; gt;gt;Lamb and LionMinistries presents Christ in Prophecy, a program that focuses on thefundamentals of Bible

prophecy, showing how currentevents in the news relate to Biblical predictions of endtime events and the soon return of Jesus. Now, here'syour host, David Reagan. gt;gt;Greetings in the name ofJesus our Blessed Hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy.My colleague Nathan Jones and I are delighted to have onceagain this week a very special guest and friend Gary Frazier.gt;gt;Nathan. gt;gt;Gary, Glad to have you. gt;gt;Hi Dave, good to seeyou. gt;gt;Gary is the head of a

ministry called World WideMissions which is located in the DallasFort Worth area.Gary, I just want to jump right into our topic this weekand it has to do with a book you've written called, quot;ItCould Happen Tomorrow.quot; First of all what does that talkabouté What is ité gt;gt;Well, first of all the world stageGod is in the process right now of setting the world stagefor His soon return. And the prophecies contained in theWord of God that are screaming

that the hour is late and soonJesus is going to come. Actually those things beginwith the departure of the Bride, in this event that youreferred to a moment ago as the Rapture of the Church. Sothe it could happen, first it starts with the Rapture andthen we see the following events. gt;gt;Ok, let's just pauseright there. Let's assume there are some people watchingbecause I know there are who don't even have any idea whatyou mean by the word Rapture.

So what are we talking aboutwhen we talk about Raptureé gt;gt;Well I like to use thephrase, Reagan, that it's the coming of Christ for theSaints. And I think people who are familiar with the Word ofGod can remember that last night of Jesus' life on theearth prior to the cross it is recorded there in John chapter14 Jesus says, quot;Let not your heart's be troubled, youbelieve in God believe also in me, for in my Father's housethere are many mansions if it

were not so I would have toldyou. I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go toprepare a place for you I will come again and receive untomyself that where I am there you may be also.quot; That is theblessed hope that Christ who was going to die, be buried,be raised again was going to ascend into Heaven was one daygoing to call His Bride up to meet Him in the air and takeus to the Father's house. gt;gt;Ok, but now are you talkingabout the Second Coming, or

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