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Putin NY Times Op Ed On Syria Sparks Outrage

lottery Putin of course president rushesdecided that is gonna run oped in the New York Times scald a pleafor caution from Russia and a he does several things in thisarticle and of course the minute he wrote it thewhole country was ablaze in day of people or outrageconservative Democrats vote how day are you how dare you write anoped I don't know was opinion eroded yourties publisher people are mad at the new york ties

for publishing it the president Russiasends you an oped you not to publish it you don'tthink that's newsworthy come on source ridicules the overheard so what are they so outraged by well firstof all those so Putin have propaganda in Article okall sorts of course he does he makes it sound like they'recompletely the other side of international law and the syrians are lovely folks as theregime is

and a and he says he's concerned aboutamerican national interest so I'm sure you are and he says that he's concerned aboutthe wellbeing of Israel ok ok ok a ok so please spare me about yourconcern about us and our allies and then he has lines like this from theoutset russia has advocated peaceful dialogue in a blue seriouslydevelop a compromise plan for their own future we're notprotecting the Syrian government but international law

wrong again bob you're told toprotecting the Syrian government a you do it for financial reasons andgeopolitical reasons everybody knows that so that part is now says another hand hehad some good points to make just because someone do something wrongin Russia or we don't agree with them on this issue doesn't mean they can't makegood points well the good points here to make hislook the United Nations has a system in place you must follow that system youneed the security council

to agree to some the otherwise the worlddoes not agree cannot take that action and it is not legal technically he's a100 percent correct it's kind of a possible argue with aokay nonetheless ok which i think is right side is why should so when he's stating thelaw I'm sure it's wrong he further states a very good point where he says quotethe world reacts by asking if you cannot count on international lawthen you must find other ways to issue

security thus a growing number countries seek toacquire weapons a mass destruction now look that's avery good point because what he's saying is if we don't use international law andhere the US is a if II I won't see UN authorization if I'm going to bombSyria and has I will be outside of international law

BackAlley BillChangers in Myanmar The New York Times

So you've arrived in Myanmar and managed to convert your cashto kyat, the local currency. But what do you do if you don't wantto carry huge stacks of dirty billsé gt;gt; It's already closed. It's already closed. gt;gt; After years of reporting for thecountry, I've got a little secret. I like to come right here, just offMerchant Street in Yangon, where for a price you can replace torn,stained kyat notes with fresh,

clean bills. gt;gt; Where are the,you have new notesé gt;gt; FOREIGNgt;gt; Yeah. gt;gt; Are they tutorialtapingé gt;gt; Oh. They don't want that camera. gt;gt; Oh, I forgot to add. I'm not sure this is entirely legal.

Technically, moneyexchanges need to be done at government approvedmoney changers. Zaw Lin! Can you come hereéI can't speak English. gt;gt; He often comes hereto exchange money. gt;gt; Yes it's true. gt;gt; You want to take 500 billsé gt;gt; They are taking photos.

gt;gt; No, they are just takingphotos of his dollars. gt;gt; No, no 5,000, understandé gt;gt; I think he is saying 1000 bills. gt;gt; You mean like thisé No.gt;gt; FOREIGN gt;gt; This one. Yeahé gt;gt; Oh, you mean 5,000 bills.gt;gt; No.

gt;gt; We don't have them. gt;gt; Maybe.Okay. 500 okayé 500é gt;gt; It might be a little sketchy, but I get what I came for in no time.

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