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New Prophecy Jeremiah Warns Protestants

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled. I'm your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co Prophet of these End Times. On this program I am beginning a new series on an amazing end times Bible prophecy which I discovered just a few weeks ago in chapter 23 of the Book of Jeremiah which you can only understand by unraveling the secret structure in what I call Jeremiah's Cryptogram, which I will explain in a few minutes. Now,when I first discovered quite a few years ago

that the book of Esther and the book ofTobias contain hidden Bible prophecy, something which no other Bible Scholar ever understood, either Catholic, Protestant or Jewish, I never thought Iwould discover any more end times prophecy in Scripture, but that all changed a couple weeks ago when I realized that Jeremiah, chapter 23, is one more incredible example of apocalyptic literature. Now I made this discovery somewhat by accident because I was actually looking for more verification that Pope Francis is the False Prophet and one of the searches I

made in several Bible concordances wasfor the word quot;Wormwoodquot; which is another name for the False Prophet asfound in the Book of Revelation. Long ago I had previously underlined quot;wormwoodquot; in verse 15 of Jeremiah chapter 23 in my own personal use Bible but this time, asI read over chapter 23, it dawned on me the significance of the chapter number,number 23. And of course, as you my subscribers already know, the number 23is another number for the Antichrist because, 2 over 3, that fraction yields thedecimal .666 And, in addition to the word quot;wormwoodquot;representing the false prophet, Jeremiah

uses the word quot;prophetquot; or quot;prophetsquot; 17 more times in his chapter 23 and, of course, that means that 17 quot;prophetsquot; plus one quot;wormwoodquot; yields the number 18 and 18 is another number for the Antichrist 6plus 6 plus 6 and it's interesting that you won't find that word quot;prophetquot; ineither the preceding or succeeding chapters of Jeremiah. In other words, in 22 or 24, no quot;prophetsquot; are ever mentioned. That is one way that our Lord is signifying the importance of this particular chapter. But I think the real clincher inthis chapter 23 of Jeremiah can be found

in verse number 20 where he writes quot;in the latter days you shall understand his (that is Almighty God's) counsel. In other words, Jeremiah is telling us that this prophecy will be unsealed or unraveled in these end times andit has fallen upon me, your quot;Third Eaglequot; to do the unsealing, and it's interesting that these two key verses, 15 and 20, follow each other generally in chapter 23 and, of course,both 15 and 20 are very important numbers in Bible prophecy regardingMary's Rosary because, as you know my

subscribers know, Mary's Rosary is the weapon Jesus will use to defeat the Antichrist. Now just as references toMary's Rosary and sacred numerology are two important features in thehermeneutics of all apocalyptic literature other features which are ondisplay here in chapter 23 are that symbolic interpretation takesprecedence over literal interpretation and you need a Co Prophet to understandthe prophecy. Now, all previous Bible scholars havemisinterpreted Jeremiah 23 because they did not realize it was end times apocalyptic literature and as such it needs

New Prophecy Jeremiahs Secret Cryptogram

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I'm yourhost, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and theCoProphet of these End Times. This will be part 2 in my series of anamazing discovery I made that Jeremiah's chapter 23 is actually an end timesprophecy and no other Bible scholar, whether Catholic, Protestant or Jewishhas ever discovered this amazing fact. And the reason is, they don't understandthat you have to unseal end times prophecy and chapter 23 of Jeremiah mustbe unsealed by means of a cryptogram, that is a rearranging of the verses. AndI've already started, in part one, looking

at the top line of Jeremiah's cryptogramwhich we discovered is primarily a warning to the Protestant false prophets.And we see them all over, here on YouTube, on the internet, radio and television andthe very first word of the very first verse in chapter 23 is quot;woequot;. and it is a woe to the pastors thatJeremiah is making. Now, pastors includes Catholic, Protestant and Jewish but, as Isay, this first line is primarily to Protestant prophets, the false ones, andthe second line, which I hope to get to maybe one or two verses, is the beginningof Jeremiah's warning to the Jewish

false prophets in Israel. So, let's take a quick review. As I said,in verse 1 Jeremiah primarily warns all pastors. Hesays quot;woequot;; that's very important because we are in the end times and that word ischaracteristic of what is going to happen to us. Verse number 6 is thesecond verse in Jeremiah's cryptogram and that is where we find out when thiswarning must be given to the false prophets and that is whenIsrael has returned as a nation. Verse number 11 is the third verse on the topline and here he says that both the

prophet and the priest are defiled.quot;Prophetquot; is Jeremiah's code word for Protestants, priest is his code word forCatholics and verse 16 is his next verse and here is where he begins to refinehis focus and talks primarily about the Protestant false prophets. So now, let's take a look at the nextverse on Jeremiah's cryptogram and that is verse 21: quot;I have not sent these prophets yet they ran, I have not spoken to them yet theyprophesiedquot; and what Jeremiah is saying here is backed up by what our Lord saidin the Olivet Discourse about the false

prophets. He said in these end times thatquot;manyquot; would come in his name and what did Jesus mean by quot;many coming in his namequot;é That means they would claim to beChristian and all of these false Protestant prophets on YouTube claim to beChristians and actually they undermine the gospel. Verse 26: quot;how long shall this be in the heart ofthese prophets that prophesy lies, and that prophesy the delusions of theirown heartéquot; Well, it's pretty easy to decide which prophets on YouTube, for example, are

false. They claim that the Catholic Church is the quot;Whore of Babylonquot;. They claim that the Pope is theAntichrist. Those are all coming from the pit ofhell Now, the Pope is evil, in my opinion, PopeFrancis. I claim he is the False Prophet but he cannot be the Antichrist. Thefalse Protestant prophets are leading you astray. They will tell you that you can't have religious icons in your homes. That's another lie. They tell you youcan't pray to Mary.

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