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Libya End Times Prophecy

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MidEast Prophecy Update February 22nd 2015

Amen before we get into our prophecy update I hope you won'tmind if I just apprise you of a couple of matters the first in which is with regardsto our upcoming trip to Israel the registration has been extended toMarch the 23rd and we still have room for those of you who are still prayingabout going

we are actually at 67 people we're gonna have two buses half ofthose sixty roughly are from here locally and the other half are from our online church which is why I wantedto do a prior to the update in order to get it on the tutorialso it gets uploaded to our online church we've beenasked by a number of people who are going fromour online church about

how many people are going and it isgoing to end up probably in that area around seventywe're thinking but if you're still planning on goingand would like more information about going you can go to the website that's on thescreen if the guys to put it there for the online church and we also here for you locally have on theinformation table the new revised and updated itinerary

as well as the program and thanks to Amelia we have tweaked thisitinerary down to the gnats eyebrow and gnats do have eyebrows but it is the best itinerary and I think we're anyway we have it there on the information table now here's thething: February 27th is be deadline for payment but if youregister up until the extension of March 23rd youwill have to pay

in full are for the price of the tour so if you'd like moreinformation you can contact inspired travel you can see myself afterwards you canalso see Amelia will be more then happy to answer your questions we'd like to see afew more people be able to go if possible okay here's the second matter I will not behere this Thursday

and Sunday so there will not be aprophecy update this Sunday Ray Heitzman will be filling in for me on Thursday and maybeSunday as well I'm going to be going to the mainland forsome dear friends of ours whose 15yearold son went home to bewith the Lord I would ask you just kindly pray for Tim and Sara Major then a memorial service is going to be onSaturday and

Secret Whirlwind Destroys Iran

No nation is more hostile to America thanIran. The Islamic nation is focused on spiting itsmortal enemies America and the Jewish nation of Israel, unaware that a monstrous forceis rising in Europe. It does not suspect that this rising Germanledsuperpower already has it surrounded. Learn how an armed and angered Germany willcrush Iran—next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry. Greetings, everyone. A United States warship was cruising throughthe Strait of Hormuz and was, well, harassed

pretty violently by four Iranian highspeedgunboats, and two of them came within about 300 yards of this U.S. warship. And one of the Iranian ministers said, ‘Well,if America VIOLATES our waters, we will confront them.' Now, the problem is, the ship was in internationalwaters and we violated NOTHING, but they're acting like, well, this belongs to US, whetheryou like it or not, and they're going to keep harassing, and yet the U.S. seems todo nothing about it. The Strait of Hormuz is a VITAL sea gate,and Iran has threatened several times to just

cut off our oil, and they could certainlydo that in this narrow little sea gate. That could easily be done and they know it,and they have threatened to do it a number of times. They just HUMILIATE us, it seems like almostevery week, and why is thaté Here we have given them, well, removed allof the sanctions where it just resurrected their very poor economy, and we've giventhem $150 billion, which is an ENORMOUS amount of money that they can use to expand theirterrorism. After all, they are the numberone sponsoringterrorist nation in the world BY FAR.

By far! Also we made a nuclear deal with them, andthey said they just loved it. They loved everything about it and they gotall they wanted. And we give and give and give, and the morewe give to them, the more they hate us. Why is thaté Well, because they have nothing but just utterCONTEMPT and HATRED for a weak military and a weak will. That is the way they think!

And that's the way it is. And we keep trying to BUY the Iranians'love, and they hate us more and more. Now, the Bible has a lot to say about whatis going on right now in the Middle East. Let's take a quick look at Daniel 11 andverse 40, a very basic prophecy ABOUT the Middle East. Verse 40: “And at the time of the end shallthe king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him likea whirlwind,� so the King of the South IS Iran leading the radical Islam and it hasa very PUSHY foreign policy, and it's PUSHING

at America and checking out just how far theycan PUSH us, and it seems like they can push us a long, long distance, because we don'tseem to respond to their aggressive, pushy foreign policy. Very pushy, indeed! But in the process there is a secret whirlwinddiscussed here, a secret whirlwind that is going to destroy Iran. Now, how could that happené How DOES it happené

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