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today's special guestthe has some very interesting contacts it is a privilege to be on this show this is the most unusual

radio show I have ever been on.

Paulo Freire George Stoney Church Conversation

(GCS)Paulo Freire, the Brazilian educator and philosopher, was born in Recife where we are now. we know that his work has had an effect all over the world I asked him about religion at the time he was a strongly religious person and you see his response, yes. (Julio off camera) ok, filming. Paulo.

as a Protestant I grew up with the idea that all of this glory and beauty and so forth was the very symbol of oppression. and you seem to have embraced it. (Paulo Freire)yes, look, but maybe first of all I should tell you that

I am I seek, and I hope, that I am much more a man of faith than a religious man. maybe I have to work a little bit about this on this difference. That is, I strongly believe

I never could think in the inexistence of God for even one second. Nevertheless, more and more I don't feel, too much the need for a church in order for me to discover God. Because above all for me

the. the true temple of God is your body is my body is our bodies. my rejection, mainly to the bureaucratic aspects of the church life. for example. no matter if it is the Catholic method or methods

a Protestant Church, no matter. that is. in some moment even though the churches are strongly becoming world they forget the world and they seek justice of heaven (GCS) yes.

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