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Is The United States Mentioned In Bible Prophecy

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Why is America not mentioned in endtime prophecy in the Bible

gt;gt;Ankerberg: Everybody wants to know whathappened to the greatest country in world history, the one that is the most powerful,the wealthiest country in the world: America. If America is all of that and we're goingtoward end time events, where do you find America, the United States of America, inBible prophecyé gt;gt;DeYoung: John, that is the most asked questionin Bible prophecy QA. The other day I was getting ready to respond and a man in theback of the auditorium said, “Hey, I know.â€� I said, “Okay, Sir, whereéâ€� He said, “Jerusalem.â€�I said, “Well, how do you get thatéâ€� He said, “Very simple: jerUSAlem.â€�You know, everybody laughed in the auditorium.

I kind of chuckled myself. But, he was basicallyright. The United States is not mentioned anywhere in prophecy. There's a referencein Zechariah 14:2, where it says all nations of the world will gather at Jerusalem at theend of the tribulation period before Christ comes back. If indeed, America, after therapture, is still on this earth and in operation, they will gather with all the nations.Now, listen, here's some sanctified speculation, I believe at the rapture of the church, thebackbone of this nation disappears. And a nation on the slippery slope to moral decay,educational decay, military decay, economic decay; a nation that kills babies and letssodomites play in the street, God will have

to judge. I believe America will fall fromits pedestal of power down to a third, fourth, eighth, ninth, twelfth rate nation. They'llbe a nothing, a nonentity, by the end of the tribulation period.

Israel In Prophecy 5 Where is America in Bible Prophecy

Everybody today is worried aboutIsrael for a lot of reasons. But we don't worry about Israelbecause that's God's problem because He that keepeth Israelwill neither slumber nor sleep. We pray for Israelbecause we're instructed to. I tremble.for America. The America that used tostand for freedom and libertyis a thing of the past. I might say themyth of the past. This know also that in the lastdays perilous times shall come.

Evil men and seducersshall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. But continue inthe Holy Scriptures which are able to makethee wise unto salvation through faithin Christ Jesus. Shalom and welcometo our program. I'm Myles Weiss And I'm Katharine Weiss

And today we are goingto be speaking about. Where is Americain Bible prophecyé That is a question thatI hear all the time. Is America in the end timesé Where do we fit iné How does it work that if Israelis the center of God's universe then where is Americaé And I want you to be listeningduring these programs.

Listen for the hopethat is in the message because you're going tohear some heavy things but we need to know thatthis is a call to prayer; it's a call to know the LORD and it's a call to preparefor the days that are coming. We have a distinguished panel from a recentprophecy conference that's going to help us tounderstand the relationship

between America and Israeland the end times. Right, we as Christiansare going somewhere. This is not the quot;be allquot;,quot;end allquot; America. Obviously we're going tobe praying for America and believing Godfor His restorationof the people of God to turn their hearts to Him. But in Haggai 2:6 it says that everything that canbe shaken will be shaken

until the desire of all nations,which is Him, turn to Him. So in this time of shaking knowthat there's a purpose in it. It's that we wouldturn our hearts to Him. Now let's go and hear fromour distinguished panel. Where is Americain Bible Prophecyé When I go to Bible Prophecyconferences or I'm on the radio when people can call inand ask questions even if you're talking abouta totally unrelated subject

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