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Vladimir Putin In Bible Prophecy part 1

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled. I'm yourhost, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co Prophetof the End Times. About three years ago, I did a tutorial on Vladimir Putin, and where heis found in bible prophecy. I demonstrated that he is quot;the last king of the northquot;, asfound in Daniel chapter number 11. And in verse number 40 of that chapter, he is describedas defeating quot;the last king of the southquot;, who is our own Barack Obama. Now since then,I have come across quite a few other incidences of Vladimir Putin in the media, which verifywhat I stated at that time, but which also raises a few doubts, and I want to go overthose on this program, because I am only 95%

sure that Putin is quot;the last king of the northquot;.He could be manipulated by others. Maybe he is just a puppet like Obama, or he could befollowed by another premier of Russia. Lately it has been said that Putin is not well, forexample. If he were to die, in the next, say several weeks or months, he might be succeededby another last king of the north, who fulfils Daniel chapter number 11, perhaps even betterthan Putin. We will soon find out, because when Russia attacks the United States, whoeveris the leader of Russia at that time, will be the last king of the north. Now in thatlast tutorial, I described 18 different aspects of the last king of the north, and since then,I have expanded that to include 28 different

descriptions of this last king. And I feltwe'd go through these, one by one, and then show a few clips of Putin recently, as hehas been shown in the media, and let's take a look ourselves and see; does Putin fulfillthe prophecy of Daniel, chapter number 11é So let's look at verse number 36. And thefirst thing Daniel says is quot;And the King shall do according to his will;quot;. So let's firsttake a look at this clip of Putin addressing the Russian National Congress. This was abouta year ago, just to get an idea of Putin's place in contemporary Russian history. Putinspeaks in Russianquot;. So I think we can see,that this first description of quot;the last king of the northquot; does indeed fit Vladimir Putin.

There are very few aspects of Russian societywhich he does not control. For example, the military, industry, entertainment, the newsmedia and even the church, all come under the thumb of Vladimir Putin. He definitelyacts according to his own will. And now let's look at the second and third descriptionsof this last king of the north, as found in Daniel, chapter number 11. quot;And he shall exalthimself and magnify himself above every god.quot; Notice the word quot;godquot; here, is in lowercaseletters. That indicates that Putin is the leader of all aspects of Russian society.Let's continue with this clip of Putin addressing the Russian National Congress, and takingnotice of the logo on his podium. Notice how

very similar it is to Obama's logo. Putinspeaks in Russian. And now let's look at Daniel's fourth description of this last king of the north. quot;And he shall speak marvellous things against the God of godsquot;. Now notice here,quot;Godquot; is capitalised. So this is the Lord God Almighty, that Daniel is talking about.Does Putin respect the Lord, the King of the Universeé Well, this is where things get alittle dicey, because he does present himself, at least to the public as a loyal member ofthe Russian Orthodox faith. Let's take a look at this clip where he very interestingly describeshis baptism in a Moscow cathedral. quot;She told me that when she and a neighbor brought me here to be baptized they did it in secret

from my father, who was a member of the CommunistParty and a loyal and uncompromising man. In any case, they believed that it was insecret. When I was brought to the church, the priest who baptized me said that it wasthe day of Archangel Michael, and by the way, he added, my name is also Mikhail, so youcould give this name to the child if he hasn't been named yet, but my mother said that theyhad already registered me as Vladimir, in honor of my father. My mother also told meabout how kind and gentle the priest was. He said quot;Well, that's good, it's an ancientRussian name.quot; He pointed out an icon of St Vladimir in the cathedral and said, quot;Thiswill be your icon.quot;

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