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How To Unlock The Secret Codes In Bible Prophecy

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Perry Stone Reveals THE HIDDEN RAPTURE PROPHECY Sid Roths Its Supernatural

Is there a supernaturaldimensioné a world beyond the one we knowé Is there life after deathé Do angels existé Can our dreams contain messagesfrom Heavené Can we tap into ancient secretsof the supernaturalé Are healing miracles realé Sid Roth has spent over 35 yearsresearching the strange world of

the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition ofIt's Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Sid Rothhere. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it'snaturally supernatural. I just love the rarified air ofHeaven, the supernatural of God, the presence of God. I have a question for you. Why are the Jewish feastsremoved from Christianityé

Let me pose it a littledifferently. They are Jewish feasts, butthey're not just Jewish feasts. They're biblical feasts. But God says in Leviticus itcalls them quot;my feastsquot;. So they're God's feasts. So why were the Jewish biblicalGod feasts removed from Christianityé It's a question to ponder.

Now there's only person thatbenefits for these being removed if as you're about ready to findout they clearly show what is going to happen in the EndTimes, in mystery code, just as the first few feasts that areGod's feasts show the whole first coming of Jesus, the lastfeasts show the return of Jesus. Who benefits by keepingbelievers ignoranté I have Perry Stone here andPerry, the last time that I interviewed him he broughtsomeone with him, his father,

who is now in Heaven. And his father operated in allnine gifts of the spirit, and asked Perry the last time Ispoke with him, did your father have a prophetic word justbefore he died, and you answeredé Perry: He said the Lord spoke tohim, and this was about a month before he passed, that in thelast days as we come closer to the time of the end, believerswere going to come under a

stress, a lot of Satanictemptation. And he said, some of this willbe temptations that people have never dealt with, he said, godlypeople, he said some will be sexual temptations with thoughtsin their mind to do things that they've never thought of doing. He said, he was crying when hetold me this. And he said, quot;Please tell themthat the Lord said they have to pray excessively in the HolySpirit.

1 Cracking the Genesis Code

Let us pray: Our Father in Heaven As we open the book of Genesis, we ask for guidance from on high Show us the wondrous things from this book We pray this in the precious name of Jesus, our Lord and Savoir. Amen. The book of Genesis is the book about origins. In fact, the name Genesis means precisely that: origins

Now allow me to mention as we begin our study today the things which the book of Genesis mentions as originating First of all, we have the origins of the cosmos That is, of the heavens and the earth in Genesis 1:1. We have the origins of plants, spoken of in Genesis chapter 1. We have the origins of animals We have the origin of man, the origin of woman The origin of sin, the beginning of the origin of death, the beginning of the origin of redemption The beginning of nations, the beginning of languages, the beginning of Israel and even the beginning of the Arabs, or the Arabic nations. These are just some of the beginnings that we find mentioned in the book of Genesis.

So the book of Genesis is very important because it goes way back into prehistory as we know it, to describe the origins of everything which exists upon this earth Now allow me to give you a little bit about the timeline of Genesis. The book of Genesis describes the first 2500 years of human history. I believe as I've examined the contents of the book that it was written by Moses and actually it was written approximately 1500 years

before the birth of Jesus and so you can imagine that the book of Genesis was actually describing events that took place approximately the year 4000BC four thousand before Christ And actually, it was written 1500 years before Jesus Christ was born The book of Genesis presents a short chronology of planet Earth. In other words, it does not allow for long periods of millions of years where God is creating

what is known as quot;progressive creationismquot;. The book of Genesis teaches that this planet is approximately 6,000 years old, from the moment in which God began to create upon it. And I'd just like to tell you up front from the very beginning that in this seminar, I take the book of Genesis as literal history I believe that it represents a short time span For the events that are described in it. In other words, we don't have to go back millions of years to find out the origin

of things in this world. All we have to do is go back approximately 6,000 years to find the events for example that are described in Genesis Chapter 1, and chapter 2 The book of Genesis is the seed plot of the bible Allow me to explain what I mean One of my favorite national parks in all the United States is the one that we have just up the mountain Sequoia National Park. I just enjoy going up there

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