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Is the Bible Relevant

I find myself often reading scripture, reading contexts thatare thousands of years old and imaginingwhat does that look like todayé What is it look like if Jesus iswalking into my neighborhood in Tribeca today andinteracting with people and engaging with peopleé How would that look and feeldifferently than how I'm doing it and how I'm thinkingé

I believe God's still telling this story I don't think the Bible is just a dead book. I think it's alive I think it's communicating to us today and giving usvision and a conviction of how God's love should constantly be ruminating within thisworld and how we're supposed to be those who are spreading it. And how it's supposed to be good news, andunfortunately, a lot of people in our world just see it as bad news and see the Bible as abook of

todos and a book of conflictinginformation versus seeing it as this unfolding story this pursuit of God constantly pursuing humankind, constantly trying to love us into relationship, not command us into it, but except us and love us into relationship, into the way we were designed as human beings to see theworld. Anybody who hasn't read the Bible or who

hasn't given it a chance you know, pick up,pick up the Bible. Pick up you know, start reading a gospel, startreading Luke, start reading John, start just reading thisstory and see if you can resist the power of the story of Jesus. I find as people do that that they'reintrigued and they're drawn in, and I think that's probably been happeningfor the 1,900 years or so since we'vehad this Bible start to be put together into thiscanon. I think we're seeing that it's,

it's a very powerful, a powerful thing that God's using to bringpeople together and to keep us, keep this movement on the same page for for years over years.

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