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Bible Study Romans 8

Because if you know Christ, your life is always better than somebody who doesn't know Christ. Just think howyou would like to have some of the problems you have, and not know Jesus. So even though we still have problems right in the midst of all that we are more than conquerors. And you know whyé Well welcome to the program today. I'm so glad that you could joins us. You know we've been working towardhelping people understand that they can study the Bible. And we've madesome real progress with lots of people and

I think that some of you are really enjoying gettinginto your own Bible study and realizing that you can do it. So I'm going to take some time today andoccasionally to just do a little Bible study with you out ofspecific chapters or specific areas of chapters that I feel arereally important or that have really impactedmy own life. And so all you really need to dothis Bible study is

a Bible a notebook some listening earsand hearts and the Holy Spirit walking alongside ofus helping us understand the Word of God. So take some notes ifthere's any way that you can. If it's too late for you to do that today, then maybe you can rewatch this online and you can do it at that time. We're going to study today, Romans 8:26'. And um, there's just some very there's actually I have 11 points

out of just these verses. 11 thingsthat we can specifically learn out at these verses. First, it says, quot;So toothe Holy Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness.quot; So the first thing thatI wrote down here's the Holy Spirit strengthens us in our weakness. That's the first thingthat we can learn today. My goodness, how wonderful is thaté We all have weakness. We know that. I have weaknesses, you have weaknesses.

Is there anybody in here today that doesn'thave any weaknessesé We all have weaknesses. And the enemy would like us to believethat because of those weaknesses we are unable to do certain things. But the Bible clearly teaches us thatGod strengthens us in our weaknesses. And it's through the Holy Spirit who is with us all the time. When Jesusleft the earth and ascended on high He said you're really better off that Igo away because I'm going to send you

another Helper, a Comforter to be with you and in you all the time. Then these versesbegin to talk about prayer. And you know, I think prayer isreally important to all of us, at least it should be. Because prayer is actually one of themost powerful gifts. privileges that we have from God. It's a privilege to be able to pray. It's not something we have to do. We don't get brownie points with God when we do.

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