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The Gospel of The Kingdom

There's this beautiful poem it's in thebook of Isaiah the city of Jerusalem has just been destroyed by Babylon a greatkingdom in the north in all of these Jewish people they've been sent awayinto exile but a few remained in the city and they are left wondering whatjust happened has our God abandoned us right because Jerusalem was supposed tobe the city where God would reign over the world to bring peace and blessing toeveryone now Isaiah had been saying that Jerusalem's destruction was a messof Israel's own making they had turned away from their God become corrupt and sotheir city and their temple were

destroyed everything seems lost. But the poem goes on there is a watchman on the city walls and far out on the hills we see amessenger and he's running towards the city. He's running and shouting quot;Good news!quot;and Isaiah says how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those whobring good news. Beautiful feeté Yes, the feet are beautifulbecause they're carrying a beautiful message. What's the messageé That despiteJerusalem's destruction Israel's God still reigns as King and that GodHimself is going to one day return to this city, take up his throne andbring peace. And the Watchmen sing for joy

because of the good news that their Godstill reigns. Now in the New Testament we find this same phrase quot;the good newsquot;. It'sthe Greek word Euangelion and it's also sometimes translated with the wordgospel. Yeah, so when Christians say, quot;Do you believe the gospeléquot; they mean do youbelieve the news but not just any news in the Bible this phrase is always aboutthe announcement of the reign of a new king and in the New Testament Gospelsuse this phrase to summarize all of Jesus's teachings they say that he wentabout proclaiming the good news of God's kingdom. So Jesus saw himself as amessenger bringing the news that God

reigns. Yes, but the way that he describedGod's reign surprised everybody I mean thinkpowerful successful Kingdom it needs to be strong able to impose its will, able todefeat its enemy, but Jesus said the greatest person in God's kingdom was the weakestthe one who loves and who serves the poor and he said that you live underGod's reign when you respond to evil by loving your enemies and forgiving themin seeking peace this is an upside down Kingdom now jesus also said that thiskingdom was arriving with him so for example is this really interesting storywhere there's a highranking Roman

officer and he comes to Jesus begginghim to heal his servant and he even calls Jesus is Lord acknowledging thatJesus is his authority jesus prays this meant for recognizing what no one elseyet had that not only was Jesus announcing God's kingdom he was insertedthe word gets out that this Jewish man from Galilee is talking and acting likehe's the king of Israel is appointing twelve disciples which are an image ofisrael's twelve tribes is healing people for giving people their sins in all ofthis threatened israel's leaders that theyfinally decided to have him

Jesus let them which is a weird thing todo if you're trying to become king that's right but for Jesus this is whathad to happen Jesus saw the since the devastation ofHis people Israel is just the entire human how all he has rebelled against Godresulting in the tragedy and devastation of World so how is God going to bringhis reign over such a work Jesus believed it would be through an actsacrificial of his enemies

The Well Good News of Christmas

A really really long time agoA time before toys A time before everythingGod made the world A time long ago…. And just like carpenters make stuff out ofwood God made the world and it was well good. He made all the plants, he made all the treesHe made animals, birds and he made you and me But that time long ago, that time that wasgood

God walked beside humans by the trees in thewood. But the humans he made, like you and likeme Said mean things and were really quite nasty They'd thump and they'd punch and theywouldn't make amends And so God and humans could no longer be friends. But to be friends again, God had a planOne day he would send, a very special young man…. So it happened one day, (or maybe in the nighté)

An Angel came to Mary, and gave her quitea fright. Don't be afraidGet scared or jump, God's going to give you a big belly bump Your belly bump's a babyAnd He will be the great one Why not call Him Jesusé He really is God's son! Now inside Mary a Baby was growingAnd Joseph stared at the baby bump showing A bit worried about how the baby got thereJoseph scratched his head and twizzled his

hairBut when Joseph was snoring, in his dream he had a visit An angel said Mary would give birth through the Spirit! There's a baby inside Marya tiny, precious life But don't be afraid!says the angel Name Him Jesus, and take Mary as your wife. Then Mary set off travelling, With Josephright beside They walked and talked for miles and miles,until Bethlehem arrived.

With a baby inside Mary, who was going tobe King, When they finally arrived, there was no roomat the inn! So a place was found by haystack and corn,And in this spot, the baby was born. So they stayed in the shed where animals fed,And the baby had straw instead of a (memory foam) bed Then there were Shepherds maybe cleaning theirshoes Trying to scrape off the smelly sheep poosTil all of a sudden, was something weird from absolutely nowhere this Angel appeared!

Don't be afraid! That's what I say! Say Hi to the babyIn a manger full of hay The sheep looked at the ShepherdsThe shepherds looked at the sheep ‘Don't be noisy, tip toes please!' Baby Jesus is fast asleep. Next, wise men had travelled ever so farBut they didn't use (google) maps they followed a star

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