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My Bible Version Conspiracy Theory part 1

Let me start by saying this:This is MY conspiracy theory. You are more than welcometo disagree. God bless you,and enjoy your theorizing. This is based on piles of facts.But this is my theory. It's open to being changedby new evidence, and I am getting new evidenceevery day. It's just that the new evidencepretty much backs this theory. It has a few optional possibilitiesalong the way,

but the general theoryremains the same. If you want,you can watch this through, then think it through on your own.I totally encourage you to check sourcesand come up with your own theory. The key is to THINK.Your eternal destiny may depend upon it. So, want to hearwhat harebrained ideas I have come up withé

Hi, I'm David Danielsfrom Chick Publications. Here is the big picture,from the beginning to the 1800s. And after this is will befrom 1800 to today. And remember,it is my conspiracy theory. I take full responsibilityfor the contents. The first conspiracymentioned in the Bible was Joseph's brothersin Genesis 37:18: 18 quot;And when they saw him afar off,even before he

came near unto them,they conspired against him to slay him.quot; The next twowere accusations by King Saul. He accused the peopleof conspiring to hide from himthat his son Jonathan and Davidwere allies against him, in 1 Samuel 22:8. And King Saul alsoaccused Ahimelech the priest

of helping David commit treasonagainst him, in 1 Samuel 22:13. The fourth and fifth mentionsare in 2 Samuel 15:12 and 31, when Absalom got his friendsto make him king of Judah and rebelled against King David,attempting to kill his own father. This took the help ofone of David's greatest counselors, the head of David's army,and the turned hearts of the men of Israel.

So the main type of conspiracyin the Bible is people gathering togetherto take down somebody or something,that they were not able to attempt alone. The other type ispeople grouping together to do evil against the Lord God. There are two examples.One is in Jeremiah 11:910. 9 quot;And the LORD said unto me,A conspiracy is found

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