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Quoting The Bible To Hate Gay People Be Careful

in Arizona they have a new law SB 1060now it has an a fully come in effect occurs thegovernor still has to sign it she can be towed jan Brewer force therightwing governor but the heat yeses laws so significant thatshe might in fact consider vetoing it but it has passed the House and Senatein Arizona but it is to make sure the gay people don't have tobe served by the business is a Arizona a new form of segregation okay so it's let me quote you the actual alsoyou know we're talking about they say

the axe X as a religion means the practice orobservance or religion including the ability to act or refusal to act ina manner substantially motivated by religious believe whether or not the exercise iscompulsory or central to a larger system or religious beliefs at in other wordswhen for example they went to go get a wedding cake a gay couple in New Mexico the people that we're running a shopdidn't want to give it to exit I believe

in gay marriage because %uh there deeply held religious beliefs or as thislaw explains even if it's not deeply held up its just peripheral to your religious beliefs you can still say nothanks I don't want to serve you now if it is still supply the smallbusinesses you might think hey discrimination there is a possibilitybecause they have some rights as well and they could disrupt I thinkthat there's a a decent argument to be made sayingsmall business with under fifty people

could discriminate against black people why people gaypeople anyone they like and if they go out of business they got a businessright now you want to get above 50 people theyou try to buy big businesses that up mean that people cannot getwe'll services across the country walmart's is on a serving gay peopleanymore well then that is a significant problemfor their rights now love you can disagree the small business part 2 butArizona didn't make that distinction

they just said if you got a deeply heldreligious belief or even one that's purple you can go ahead discriminate againstanybody and by the way they didn't clarify against gay couples now they'retrying to use that as an excuse but the reality is that makes the law much much worse we'll get to that in a minute armbut senator CVR brought well who's of coursea republican price depending says this bill's aboutallowing discrimination spills about

preventing discrimination yes people were clearly living out theirfate by though is the same argument they made in the south during the racialsegregation they said no no you take away my liberty to not so black people rate at up that's my freedom I don'twant to serve them and you're making me serve them we've been through this argument beforeokay so

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