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Good News for the End Times Hank Kunneman on Sid Roths Its Supernatural

Vital prophecy written thousandsof years ago is being fulfilled before our very eyes in ournewspapers, on TV broadcasts and worldwide on the Internet. The secular news media and mostof the prophetic voices today are predicting gloom and doom. But Hank Kunneman who has in thepast been accurate in his prophecies is saying that theseare going to be the best times for believers in the history ofthe church.

Hank: Hi. I'm Hank Kunneman. I want you to join me on It'sSupernatural as I share with you some good news for the EndTimes. Is there a supernaturaldimensioné a world beyond the one we knowé Is therelife after deathé Do angels existé Can our dreams contain messagesfrom Heavené

Can we tap into ancient secretsof the supernaturalé Are healing miracles realé Sid Roth has spent over 35 yearsresearching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition ofIt's Supernatural! Sid: Hank Kunneman, one of thefirst times we got together when we started ministering, you gaveme a personal prophecy. And I have to tell you, I, youknow, I've been around a long

time, and so I hear theprophecies and I know the ones that miss it and the ones thatget it, and unfortunately too many miss it. But Hank said to me, quot;You know,Sid,quot; it was right after we did, I believe, a radio show. He said, quot;You know, Sid, I seeyou not being,quot; he didn't use this word, I will, quot;a wonderingJew going from one studio to another to do your televisionshow.

You're going to have your ownstudio. You're going to have your own,the Lord is telling me you're going to have your ownequipment.quot; And do your remember telling me, prophesying thaté Hank: Yes I do. I remember that. Sid: You even went a stepfurther though. He told me the name of theperson that was going to sell me

this studio, the studio you seetoday, he prophesied before I even knew about it. But you know, there's so, thankyou. You know, there are so manyprophecies I'd like to talk to you about, but one inparticular. For Oral Roberts to talk aboutyou being the most accurate prophet he knows, you actually,if I understand right according to notes, you prophesied hisdeath.

Second Coming of Jesus Christ Polar Shift Global Earthquake NOT THE ONE ON JULY 29th

This is Armageddon News In this Broadcast, we'll discuss the SecondComing of Jesus Christ, which occurs at the same time, as a magnetic polar flip,and catastrophic Global Earthquake. Good day, not many people know, what the Biblestates, about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. And therefore, theyare in danger of being deceived. This broadcast will provide you with the knowledgeyou need, so as not to be fooled, by false Christs and false prophets. On the Day which Jesus Returns, there willbe a polar reversal.

Isaiah 24:20 says:The earth will crack and shatter and split open.The earth itself will stagger like a drunk, sway like a hut in a storm. The world isweighed down by its sins; it will collapse and never rise again. Revelation 6:12 says, There was a violentearthquake, and the sun became black like coarse black cloth. And the moonturned completely red like blood. The stars fell down to the earth, like unripefigs falling from the tree, when a strong wind shakes it. The sky disappearedlike a scroll, being rolled up, And

every mountain and island was moved from itsplace. The polar flip, will make the stars race acrossthe sky. And the vacuum created from the reeling of the earth, will pull theatmosphere along the ground, trying to catch up. Creating what is known, as a RollCloud. Which will pull with it the dust and ash created from the global earthquake. Psalm 97:5 says, The mountains melted likewax, at the presence of the Lord. The Global Earthquake will be so bad, thatevery hill and mountain will crumble. Revelation 16:20, says, And every island fledaway, and the mountains were not

found. Revelation 6:15 says, The kings of the earth,the princes, the commanding officers, the rich, the strong, and everyslave and free person, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains.They told the mountains and the rocks, quot;Fall on us, and hide us from the face ofhim who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb, for the great day ofhis wrath has come; and who is able to standéquot; The Global Earthquake will seem unending.And no one will be able to stand, on that day. As the sky vanishes under a RollCloud and the stars fall from heaven.

The buildings in every city in the world,will collapse into utter destruction, killing millions. Isaiah 30:25 calls it, “the day of the greatslaughter, when the TOWERS FALL.� And just when you thought, it couldn't getany worse, Revelation 16:21 says, “Hailstones, weighing about a hundred poundseach, fell from the sky on people.� After the volcanic ash and dust from the globalearthquake, has been kicked up into the sky, it will combine with a supercooled atmosphere, from the vacuum, created by the earth's reeling. This willresult in hail stones, which weigh about

100 pounds each. Matthew 24:30. Then, the sign of the Son ofMan will appear in the sky; and all the peoples of earth will weep, as they seethe Son of Man, coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.The great trumpet will sound, and he will send out his angels to the four cornersof the earth, and they will gather his chosen people from one end of the world tothe other. Revelation 1:7 says, Look, he is coming, onthe clouds! Everyone will see him, including those who pierced him. All peopleson earth will mourn over him.

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